WIN LegoLand Tickets With Little Dish!

Last week I wrote about how much we enjoy Little Dish meals and we reviewed their new pasta sauce and filled pasta which went down very well in my house!

I noticed on the packaging that they have tickets for children to gain FREE entry to LegoLand! We’ve been trying to go to LegoLand for some time now. We went when Florence was tiny but she’s a bit older now and would enjoy it more. This summer it looks fab as they have a new Duplo splash area so on a sunny day it should be brilliant! We actually won some tickets in a competition but couldn’t go so we were disappointed and then I saved up for another ticket offer but again got sent a date when we are already busy! I know Florence really wants to go and the vouchers for tickets just help a little as these days can be so expensive! I thought perhaps we’d be third time lucky and try and enter another competition and guess what? Little Dish also have one of those over on their Facebook page!

The competition is just a game really so if you don’t win the tickets at least you’ve had fun trying! The game is ‘Snap’ so we’ll be giving it a daily go I think! You’ve got to be in it to win it as they say! Every day you can have another chance of winning and if you share it with your friends you can gain extra games to play!



I have not been paid to write this post.