Wonderbly Kids Books!

Wonderbly Kids Books!

Personalised books are a great gift for children but I’ve often found them a little uninspiring when it comes to the story and the content. Like the thought has gone into having the child’s name inside it on every page but that the rest has had to take a back seat in order to accommodate it. So while they’ve seemed ike a nice idea, in practice they just haven’t been books my kids have wanted to read again and again like they have with some of their favourite stories. A shame really when you consider the thought and often cost that goes into ordering something like this. We have now however, discovered Wonderbly who manage, with great aplomb, to make not only a really detailed personalisation book but they couple it with super detailed content which is fun, exciting, interesting and most importantly, which invites the child back inside the pages again and again!

Reading books is such a wonderful joy. To give a child an inspiring book they want to pick up again and again is the invitation to enjoyment!

Raffie and Posie were very lucky and asked if they’d like to trial two books, to order a book from the Wonderbly site of their choice and to read them before giving a verdict. Well… Raffie is a smitten kitten with his Where Are You book and Posie, who we chose a Treasury of Nursery Rhymes for is loving having them sung to her by her siblings and I. They are perfect!

Where are you Raffie Knowles?
Posie’s Treasury of Nursery Rhymes!

We chose both books in a super special hardback cover form so that they would be books to look lovely on the shelf as well as feel good and special in the hand even before the reading commences. Reading with my children is so important, every week we go to a little book shop in Norwich called Bookbugs and Dragon Tales for a story and craft session and afterwards we like to sit in their nook and read more stories. I love that the children adore reading so much and with these two very personal books the little ones have their special ones to keep for forever.

Where are you Raffie Knowles is a little bit like a Where’s Wally but using the image you have carefully selected for your own child. You choose their look, including hair colour and style and make it look very like your little one and the book then takes your child’s name and does the rest. On each page we find a different type of job Raffie could do when he’s older, maybe a chef or an atronaught or something else, “what do you think you’d like to be?” we ask him? Raffie is invited into the book with a detailed introduction and then ea h section is dedicated to another profession with, at the end of it, a double page spread of “Where are you Raffie Knowles?” so he has to scout the lovely drawings of lots of people to find himself! It’s just ace!

A dedication in each book makes it a very special present!
And then we begin the journey in a really engaging way with a storyline threading through the book that is extremely exciting all the way through!
Fun facts about each job Raffie could do are a staple of each section!
And finding the Raffie’s is the best bit!
A book that can be read cover to cover or enjoyed by dipping in just to the find Raffie Knowles pages!
“There I am mummy!”
A massive hit!
For my little emergent reader!
Pretend reading out loud is a brilliant sign that Raffie wants to read and with this book he can really create lots of stories and it invites the child to do just that!

I absolutely adore this book and most importantly do does Raffie who is also currently enjoying singing the nursery rhymes with me to Posie from her book which just like we’d bespokely chosen the colour of Raffie’s book, we chose Posie’s to be purple!

A nursery treasury is such a beautiful gift for a child, one to keep forever and so to have it personalised, not just on the front cover but throughout the book with the traditional rhymes including her own name and character is simply lovely. What a gorgeous book to have!

Raffie is a great big brother there to teach Posie all the songs in her book!
Songs we know and love!
But just for Posie!
Gorgeous illustrations making her special and included on every page!
A really lovely book for her to be sung to from right now!
And enjoy for years to come!

Wonderbly Books are a real cut above your average personalised book, they are truly lovely reads and the personalisation is not the only thing which sets them apart and will make them family favourites to pick up night after night. These two titles are just two of many ideas they have on their site where you can pick an occasion to go with the personalisation like “Father’s Day” which is coming up soon and for which they have many an offering. We will certainly be shopping with them again soon!

I was gifted the book in this post as part of a collaboration with Wonderbly.