1 Pack = 1 Vaccine – Support Pampers And UNICEF!

Last time I met up with the guys from Pampers it was to hear all about their Love, Sleep, Play campaign. It was such an interesting evening and I met the wonderful Dr Ellie Cannon who is one of their panel experts. Dr Ellie and I discussed vaccinations amongst other things as they are something we both feel very passionately about. I simply can’t believe that there are people in this first world country of ours, with all the opportunities in the world and yet they still choose not to vaccinate their children. It’s almost as if they don’t even know what could happen to their own (or other people’s) children if they don’t vaccinate! Madness, I think! I’ve written about my views on the subject in the past so strongly do I feel.

The thing is though, those people, the ones who choose not to vaccinate in this country do just that. They choose! They have the choices and the options. We are so lucky that our children are offered vaccinations for things which could kill them and we are offered them for FREE! I’m not sure all of us realise quite how lucky we are for that privilege. Like many things, being born in the UK provides us with so many advantages.

Yesterday I went to see the Pampers guys again. This time it was to learn about their eight year strong partnership with UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s organisation. Did you know that in some third world countries babies are dying from newborn tetanus? Thousands of babies, every year, losing their tiny lives just because they haven’t been immunised against this easily preventable disease. It’s not just preventable either; Anita Tiessen, UNICEF UK Deputy Executive Director says that ultimately this can be entirely eliminated throughout the world. She also says that with thanks to Pampers they have already come a long way with the global fight against the killer disease by providing 300 million vaccines so far! During the months of October to December 2013 they are continuing this fight and with every specially marked pack of Pampers purchased they will donate one vaccine to UNICEF!

Mummy bloggers meet pampers and UNICEF!

Pampers and UNICEF have already helped to eliminate Maternal Newborn Tetanus (MNT) in ten of the poorest countries in the world. By providing a vaccination, something tangible, it can’t be taken away. Money and corrupt governments mean that often donations don’t reach the intended but vaccinations do. Just because a baby is born in Tanzania, Ghana or Liberia (three of the countries where MNT has been eliminated) instead of the UK why shouldn’t they have just as much right to life? They are just as loved and just as wanted by their just as deserving parents yet they are born into poverty, often at home in poor conditions. When I think of my own home birth, my clean and beautiful experience with two midwives I would now call friends and I look at pictures of conditions babies are born in at home in the countries who so desperately still need our help… It makes me want to cry.

Yesterday we were shown videos and footage from the people we are trying to help, those we have helped and why we should be helping if we’re not! Emma Bunton supports the campaign and she was there to present to us why she is on board and having met her now I can tell you she is utterly charming and adorable. I’m not at all surprised she is championing such a cause. I spoke to her a little about Motherhood, babies and possibly having a third – she tells me that she’d like another one too but just like me is concerned about getting the timings right. Two Mothers having a chat about our children who are lucky enough to have been born in a country with wealth. We don’t love our children more than any other because they are lucky and our children are not more important than any other because they have privilege yet our children are safe and offered vaccinations without us even having to think about it. Other children in the world have a very different story! Even though it’s hard to believe, hard to imagine even, it doesn’t mean it isn’t so. I’m so pleased that Pampers and UNICEF have such a lovely Mummy on board with them to help spread their important word and eliminate MNT. By the end of 2013 and with this push from the sale of every pack of Pampers, seven more countries are expected to have reached completion of their vaccination activities!


Emma Bunto, who is JUST lovely, supports the campaign!

How can you help?

1 Pack = 1 Vaccine

During October – December 2013, you can help Pampers and Unicef protect pregnant women of child bearing age and pregnant women in the developing world against MNT. For each Pampers – UNICEF pack purchased, Pampers will donate for example the cost of one tetanus vaccine to support UNICEF in the fight against MNT.

1 View = 1 Life-Saving Vaccine / 1 Share = 1 Life-Saving Vaccine

During October – December 2013, you can help Pampers and UNICEF protect women of child bearing age and pregnant women in the developing world against Tetanus. For each view of the films on their website Pampers will donate for example the cost of one tetanus vaccine to support UNICEF in the fight against MNT. Each film depicts what a healthy start to life can bring, through the eyes of children.

UNICEF Pledge Donations

All parents want their children to be secure, well nourished, educated and healthy. By reaching out, you’re helping children that need it most but there are many more who are vulnerable and urgently in need. By becoming a monthly donor to UNICEF today you can join thousands of other parents who donate every month to improve the lives of these vulnerable children. Visit www.supportunicef.org/pampers to see the difference you can make.

Such an important cause to support don’t you think and so easy to give your help. Just do one of the three things above and you’re doing it! Join Pampers and Emma Bunton in their support of UNICEF!