Count Down To Christmas – Willows Farm and the Festive Grotto!

Last week I wrote a post called ‘Where are you meeting Father Christmas?’ I wrote about how Willows Farm Village are currently having a Santa’s Grotto Spectacular and Grotto Festive Fun and how we were hoping to go along and see it for ourselves this weekend just gone. We’d had such a marvellous time there at Easter and we were really looking forward to seeing Father Christmas in style! When we arrived we couldn’t believe the festive feel! Just walking up the drive way […]

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Dear Low Life Scum!

Dear Low Life Scum, Today, on my Christmas day out with my children you ruined a lovely day and made me cry from the minute I met you and I’m still crying now. We started the day with a trip to the theatre, a long-awaited and planned treat which wasn’t for me to review for my blog or to tell the world about but something for us to just enjoy and treasure. We met our good friends and had a […]

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The Bank of Mum and Dad…

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting! When Jonny and I bought our flat in East London we were both working. Neither of us had particularly high salaries and we were originally going to go for a 100% mortgage as we definitely didn’t have any savings. In the end Jonny’s parents and my Mum offered to give us a fairly large sum of money each which meant we could put down a small deposit. We were very lucky. At the last-minute, and as it […]

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Thinking About A Holiday?

I love Christmas time, it’s so exciting and (from inside with a lovely warm fire) I even love the fact that it’s cold outside. Having to actually leave the house and I don’t feel quite the same I’m afraid. It’s not so much for me but for the children who have to be bundled up in layers and layers of clothing, stuffed into snow suits and then have hats, scarves and gloves on. Fine if you leave the house once […]

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Donkey Watch – Donkey Adapts!

I love my Donkey and I love using it as a double buggy – which is why we have it of course! Unfortunately, nearly three-year-olds have very strong minds and if Florence decides she doesn’t want to go in the buggy then it’s often not worth the argument, especially if we’re not going far or for very long. However she’s not really fast enough to let her walk all the time so on some occasions I prefer to use the wheeled board on my Bee and […]

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Teething Little Munchkin!

People keep asking me what they should buy Jimmy for Christmas and I am struggling what to say? The thing is, when you’re going to be 8 months old and you have an older sister who was 8 months old before you, all the things you might like are kind of already going to be there… Shape sorters, baby walkers, books, toys galore… I know its nice to have new things but really it would just be a waste to […]

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You’ve Gotta Love Little Charley Bear!

We saw the darlingest little show at the weekend and it was all about the famous ‘Little Charley Bear’! Little Charley Bear and his Christmas Adventure – Live on Stage is playing at the Ambassador’s Theatre in London’s West End from now until Christmas Eve and it’s so sparklingly Christmassy good that it’s not to be missed! Who doesn’t like Little Charley bear eh?He’s so gentle and the escapades he gets up to are entertaining, educational and super polite! This is a show […]

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Count Down to Christmas – Christmas Dress-Up!

For a little bit of Mummy entertainment and a little bit of an ‘Ahhhh factor’ you can’t go wrong with a touch of ‘seasonal baby dress up’! When they’re tiny it’s probably the only time we’ll get away with making our offspring put on costumes to make the whole family swoon so we may as well take advantage! For her first two Christmas days I dressed Florence up like a reindeer, I can’t remember where I got the outfit from now […]

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Peppa Pig’s Festive Treasure Hunt!

Last year one of our highlight theatre experiences was our trip to see Peppa Pig’s Treaure Hunt! Florence, like most of the little ones we’re friends with, is a major fan of the little piggy family created by Astley, Baker, Davies and was thrilled to bits to see her in the live show even at not quite two yet! She’s such a big fan that last Christmas her presents were mainly Peppa related and I remember wondering if it was really […]

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Pantomime at Stratford East!

Pantomime, traditionally, is the back bone of the theatre being the main income earner by drawing in crowds for festive entertainment. This would then finance the rest of the year which may not have seen so many people through the doors so it was terribly important to have it. Lots of people are quite snobby about pantomime though and miss the point that it’s meant to be fun, something to be joined in with and ultimately not taken seriously! Well, […]

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