Anniversaries And Special Restaurants!

Almost a decade ago Jonny and I had the pleasure of dining in one of Norfolk’s most well thought of restaurants, Morston Hall. Chef Galton Blackiston who runs the business which is also a hotel, had at the time just appeared on the very first series of ‘The Great British Menu’ and we were very excited to try out the celebrity chef’s menu. The prices far exceeded the ability of our purse at the time but we had rather generously […]

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Introducing… Rock ‘n’ Roller Daddy!

People often ask me why my blog is called ‘Rock ‘n’ Roller Baby’ and I always say it’s because of Jonny. My husband is a massively talented musician, singer and song writer and it was always my intention to include Daddy’s songs on the blog. Somehow I never got round to it but we’re going to change all that today and start living up to our name! Back in the day I used to follow my Jonny around London as […]

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To Immunise!

This week I decided that on balance, with the outbreak of measles in Wales and the very real possibility of it travelling further in the UK, that I would take the children a week early to have their MMR injections. Florence’s booster is due when she turns 3 and 4 months and Jimmy was to have his first lot when he turned one. Both of those dates fall next week when we are away and I really didn’t want to […]

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A Big Bath At Last – With Fisher Price!

I think I can win the prize for the longest anyone has ever used a baby bath! In fact, I might go as far as to say that it was our absolute best buy of all time ever because we used it from when Florence was a couple of weeks old and Jonny has only just, in the past couple of weeks, put it away in the loft. We could of course keep using it with Jimmy, we could keep […]

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Blue Nose Friends – A New Collection!

Smoo the Cow, Comedy the Hyena, Spirit the Lemur and Twist the Snake. What am I talking about? The new plush character toys from ‘My Blue Nose Friends’ that’s who! They’re super soft with beany bottoms and of course they have the famous blue noses! Tatty Teddy and his blue nosed friends have adorned greetings cards for as long as I can remember and the toys have become collectors items. In fact, one of my friends collects those sweet little […]

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Little Tikes Arrive At Asda!

I really like Little Tikes toys. They’re built to last and seem to be timeless in their design. I wrote a piece recently about Jimmy’s push along trike which is a Little Tikes one and in the piece I talked about how we also love their Cosy Coupe. Florence has one and it’s almost identical to the one my brothers had when they were little! The designs don’t change much because they don’t have to! Little Tikes don’t just make […]

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After The Photography Course!

If you’ve read my blog recently then you’ll know that I’ve been using my new camera, the Nikon D3200, for a couple of months now. You will also have noticed that often I’m not that wonderful at taking pictures… It’s not that I don’t have good ideas, I definitely do, and in my head I know exactly how I want the shot to look, but in practice it often doesn’t come off the way I envisage… I realised, despite taking […]

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Is Your Baby Born Free?!

We get sent a lot of cups to review in the Rocknrollerbaby household and can really only write about the ones we like lots. I might have to offer to send some back to PR companies at times because there isn’t anything very specific to be said about them? Often they’re not totally rubbish but what’s the point in writing a whole blog post to say ‘this cup is adequate and does the job it’s intended with slight leakage’? I […]

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Donkey Works Like A Donkey!

No, I’ve STILL not ‘jazzed up for summer‘… I almost did one day last week when something unusual and warm popped out from behind a cloud but then it went right back behind it again so the footmuff is still well and truly staying – for now! (I have the footmuff in sand and it matches the sand hood you see – I’m a bit matchy like that I’m afraid)! Le Donk has been working SO hard lately, when the […]

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Silver Cross Classic Bears!

At a recent launch party held by veterans of the pram world, Silver Cross, Jimmy was given a teddy bear as a gift to take home. The bear came from the Silver Cross Classic Gift collection and in celebration of all things British is named ‘George Classic British Bear‘. He wears a Union Jack handkerchief in the pocket of his tailored waistcoat which also has Union Jack embroidered buttons and is totally delightful with his jointed limbs and sweet face . […]

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