To Immunise!

This week I decided that on balance, with the outbreak of measles in Wales and the very real possibility of it travelling further in the UK, that I would take the children a week early to have their MMR injections. Florence’s booster is due when she turns 3 and 4 months and Jimmy was to have his first lot when he turned one. Both of those dates fall next week when we are away and I really didn’t want to wait any longer so I took them to the clinic on Tuesday.

I had to argue my point with the nurse, that it was only a week so what difference did it make and eventually I convinced her to immunise my children a week early. What’s shocking is that more often when there’s a discussion about it the health care professionals are having to convince parents to do it at all and not trying to convince them to wait a week as they did with me. This is all down to one Doctor’s opinion and supposed findings which have now not only been disproven but have seen said Doctor struck off from practicing medicine in this country. People are still concerned by his declarations that the MMR could cause autism and it drives me bonkers. Measles can be a killer, the MMR has shown NO links to autism, surely it’s a no brainer?

The reason there is an outbreak at all is because of parents not having their children vaccinated and I see more and more on line about parents like this trying to convince others to do the same. It’s not just the children who didn’t have the vaccine back then but so many parents are STILL refusing it for their families even now! In the area that I live there is a Facebook group dedicated to natural parenting and for the most part it’s about people wanting to breast feed and not give their children too much sugar. Some of it I agree with and some of it I don’t but I don’t really care what other people do as long as it doesn’t affect me. Sadly there are some parents on this site that believe in natural immunisation and building up immunities on their own. Nothing to do with autism scares but just because they don’t agree with innoculation in general. It has scared me that these families may be at play groups where I am with my baby under one who has been too young for the immunisation himself until now. Fine, if you don’t want to protect your own children then that’s your decision but by choosing to not do it you might put mine in danger and then it IS my business thank you very much.

I had absolutely no qualms about giving my children this protection, I wanted them to have it and the sooner the better. In the winter I asked my Doctor if they could have the flu jab too and he listened to my argument and agreed. I think all children, strike that, all people should be able to have it. I’ve had flu this year – it is NOT pleasant. Being vaccinated against horrible illnesses, when it is possible, seems so sensible. We are lucky, we don’t live in a third world country, we don’t have to pay extra for our children to have them and we have the science to enable it. Not allowing for my children to be protected against such things would be testament to child abuse in my opinion.

I’ve written about this topic before and it is something I feel passionately about. I was going to title this post ‘To Immunise Or Not To Immunise? With a question mark but for me it had to be ‘To Immunise!’ With an exclamation mark! We have the ability to prevent illnesses like measles, mumps and rubella, why anyone would choose not to use it is beyond me. As a parent we worry about everything, we can eliminate this one so my advice is do it!

By the way, Florence didn’t cry at all and when I asked her if it hurt she said ‘No! And I got a sticker!’ Jimmy didn’t cry for the first two and just made a tiny moan at the third injection – he was right as rain again with a chocolate button! Florence did have a funny sleepy and upset day the next day which might or might not have been brought on by the vaccine, either way, it was one crappy day – way better than what could happen if she didn’t have the jab!


We have finally enjoyed some sunshine this week albeit sporadic and uncounted on. At the weekend the children and I had such fun in the park taking pictures and practicing my photography. I did my photography course at the end of last week and it was amazing – please do read my post about it!

Training Course Nikon 6
Enjoying some sunshine in the park!

Jimmy took his first walk in his new shoes which made him a bit less steady on his feet and I’d forgotten that about when Florence got hers. It must be kind of odd wearing proper shoes for the first time! His are adorable and so similar to her first pair except they’re blue instead of purpley colours!

Jimmy shoes
Wobbly boy in his first ever pair of shoes!

And this is a week which was a little sad for us as we said goodbye to a much loved pet. Does it seem silly to have loved a cat? I don’t know if it is or not but we loved her all the same and she was a part of our family for 16 years. I couldn’t not mention her passing in our family blog. She was very old for a cat and had a lovely life but sadly became very ill and the vet said it was kinder to say goodbye. My Mum says the house feels very strange without her despite three other cats being at home. We all thought it was a lovely touch that the vet sent a condolence card. Zippy we shall miss you and thank you for being such a lovely cat and furry friend to us over the years!

My lovely cat Zippy. Ziparou, Zipazog, Zipper… We’ll miss you!

That’s it for another week then, we’re off on our mini break to Pontins to celebrate young Master Jimmy turning one so I might not log on while we’re away, if I don’t see you next week then I’ll be back the one after that to tell you all about our trip and Jimmy’s tea party when we get back!

See you then but in the mean time follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby.

In the past, the company “Pfizer” experimented with this active drug to obtain a universal cure for diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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23 thoughts on “To Immunise!

  1. Dear Ruth,

    Just commenting on your immunisation blogpost in my role as admin of the natural parenting group you refer to in said post. As you have so publically discussed said group, I felt it was fair to respond to you publically also.

    Firstly, I must make it clear that I am not here to comment upon your views about vaccination. I support you, as the parent of your children, to make the best informed decision you can for them. I also am not going to set out my views on or my decisions about vaccination here as I choose not to debate or discuss how I parent publically on the internet. That is why the NP group and those like it exist; to give parents a private space to discuss the choices that they make for their children. Choices that are very often misunderstood, ridiculed, mocked or sneered at by family, friends, other parents or other people on the internet.

    You will note that I used the word private in reference to the group. The group is closed so that what is discussed within the confines of the group remains within the group and is, therefore, not shared with others outside it. You have not been a member of the group for quite some time now so may have forgotten how this group or closed groups in general operate perhaps? Even if you have, I am sure that you are mindful, when you write, about how those closest to you would feel about you sharing your private conversations or details about them on your blog? Perhaps this was a consideration you should also have afforded to the members of the group I represent when you were writing about them?

    You may be surprised to find out that some members of the group have been angered and upset by your post. Would it surprise you to find out that some of those who are angered or upset are those that vaccinate too? Parents in the group value the privacy of the group. They value the opportunity to talk to others about more than just “wanting to breast feed and not give(ing) their children too much sugar” whilst knowing that it is not going to be shared elsewhere. Your intention may not have been to offend or upset but you have used your small insight into our group to ill effect sadly.

    I would appreciate it if you could amend your post to remove mention of the NP group completely. We did not ask to be linked with your blog in any way and you did not seek our permission to do so. We do not wish to be drawn into this type of attack or have undue attention brought to bear on our group. If you feel unable to do what has been asked, please post publically so that your readers can be fully informed of your choice to let it stand

    Thank you,


    1. Thanks for reading Claire and thanks for your opinions. I think you’ll find that I in no way disclosed where this group is as I think you will notice that I don’t advertise the exact area I live and only make note to living in East London. I really don’t feel that I have nodded in any particular direction and after re reading my post I am 100% confident that I have not named anyone or made reference to any particular conversations. There is, therefore, nothing to amend. I think if there are people who decide not to vaccinate their children then it is entirely their own decision but they hold themselves open to people like me being angry about this. If I were to name someone in particular or use photographs of anyone then I always ask permission and I don’t feel it was at all necessary to ask anyone’s permission for anything regarding this post. I write my opinions on my blog which I am entitled to do, of course I don’t mean to offend anyone but by the same token I don’t really mind if I do offend when it is regarding a topic like this. I feel offended that people would bring their un-vaccinated and potentially infectious children to places where I might be with my child who might be too young to have the vaccination so it’s a topic I feel very strongly about. I am thrilled if it’s got everyone in the group talking, if it’s upset people then so be it. I do feel sorry that you think I have breached some form of confidence but I think we shall have to agree to disagree on that one. Hope you keep enjoying the read, Mummy blogs are a fabulous way of interacting with other parents, whether you agree with them or not!

      1. Completely agree to your reply Ruth! You have not named this group or an individual and the only reference you make is to the fact that a facebook group exists…….which is in the public domain!!! So i don’t understand why they would think that you have compromised their ‘privacy’ as you have not outed anyone!! AND i think your views are extremely valid given the current situation in Wales!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. I love the way you write. Regardless of the content, as an outsider I have no idea who the group is? I was unaware of the group when I read it and then had more of an idea after I read the feedback posted by the NP group. I feel there was no disclosure of any kind when I was reading.

    1. Thanks very much for your comment Carly. It is a shame that someone assumes something is about them and unfortunately whether it was or it wasn’t, by posting the comment I guess they have pointed their own finger at themselves… I also have found that the group they are referring to is not actually all that secure at all… Quick five minute google told me that much. I have kindly emailed the author of the comment to advise that they might want to step up their own security, not necessarily assume and also be VERY aware that once something is committed to the internet it can be found if someone wants to find it.

      You’re right, I haven’t disclosed exactly who I am talking about but sadly on this persons own timeline there is defamatory information about me which I could, if I so chose take further. Comments about myself by a number of different individuals using different identifiable IP addresses. I don’t have any desire to take anything further as I don’t really give a monkeys and it’s giving my blog a substantial amount more hits which only serves to make it even healthier.

      I choose to write publicly and the only thing I would say would be that it would be nice to ALWAYS have the right to reply publicly. If I am ‘talked about’ in ‘private (use the word loosly) formums’ then I don’t necessarily have that do I? But, it’s the nature of the beast I’m afraid. I just hope anyone who has an opinion about me has the confidence to come to my blog, where they can find multiple ways of contacting me including commenting on a post and say it to my on-line face rather than squirreling their unpleasantness away somewhere they think they can’t be found!! Kudos to the author of the previous comment for finally doing that!

    1. Ha ha! Thank you! Funny that I’m getting so many comments! Don’t usually even look cause of all the spam but happened to look today and it has baffled me some what!!

  3. I am unclear why theperson commenting feels they have been disclosed? Having reread the post there are no names and not even a particular area.
    Free speech is key and agree or disagree it is about the right to do so. Being saddened or upset
    by a comment is no reason not to write it and I’m actually saddened that you would be asked to remove it!
    To defame someone is a completely different matter.

  4. Want to add you have clearly not defamed and simply offered opinions. This group has only made themselves look closed, unable to deal with criticism and date I say, a little petty.

    1. Oh Victoria! I have DM’d this woman and another on FB to prove to them that FB settings are NOT private! I can see this woman’s entire family photo collection and I didn’t even know she existed until this morning… IF I had been mentioning their group, it’s clearly NOT as private as they think… Anyone wanting to find it, especially after this discussion which has has an awful lot of hits today, then they could… Not through anything I have mentioned but purely using the info given in the comment! Basically, all of this is good news for me little ole blog! I’ve offered olive branches on FB, one to a woman I have met and who randomly friend requests me then de-friends me (can you imagine what it’d be like if we were still school girls) and the one I have never met and don’t know from Adam… I’ve had, to my really nice and polite messages, not very pleasant responses and not a response at all in once instance). My advice would be if you’re going to say it then have the courage of your convictions! I always do! If you can’t then suggest you stay schtum! Actually LOVING the fact it’s got me LOADS of hits though! Super pleased everyone is reading my blog and knows my opinions, no one has to read it but it’s great when they do!!

      1. P.S, they’re all so paranoid that ‘one of them’ is being an ‘informant’ and can’t believe I could access their precious group that they think I have a friend giving me ‘insider info’… WTF!!! As it! The one woman I know on there I have had to message to say sorry if she gets accused… Seriously!

  5. Oh what a load of nonsense from this woman Clair. The points you have made are valid and ones I agree with. And as for disclosing private information or discussion, what a load of tosh. Facebook is a public social network, if you feel self conscious about what you believe, don’t go on it. Stupid………. (add your own word)!!!!!

  6. Just to challenge you slightly… say that you are concerned about unvaccinated children infecting your own children…but, when your kids had the flu shot, did you keep them away from other peoples kids due to the risk of vaccine virus shedding? The majority of healthy children do not have the flu shot so theoretically they would be at risk of getting flu from your kids shortly after they had the vaccine if you see what I mean?

    1. Thanks Mary, No I didn’t but I DID ask my Doctor if I should and he said absolutely not, that they might feel a tiny bit snotty themselves but it would be nothing that they could pass on. Good point to bring up!

  7. I came here by accident, I am not against vaccination but I also did not follow the official vaccination plan as it is recommended in Germany, where I live.
    I did a lot of research and I think vaccination is something that should be handled more responsibly, maybe like antibiotics. They don’t help more if you just take lots of them for every disease there is. Just an example.
    I like to correct something that you state, because it is often repeated and just not true: Measles can be transmitted by ANYBODY, it doesn’t matter if you are vaccinated or not. They are not like Pocks, you can never wipe them out, even if every person in the world would be vaccinated. You might be immune but you can still carry the virus and you might infect those with it who are vaccinated but the immunization didn’t work.
    So there is no need to rant against people who do a lot of research and put a lot of thoughts into their decision and decide not to have their kids vaccinated. They do not harm you and your kids more than anybody else.
    Your opinion to me sounds very strong but is lacking the basic knowledge.
    Biased, to say the least.

    1. Thank you for your reply but I would suggest your research is very sloppy. Very sloppy indeed. Vaccinate. Just do. No harm will come as a result and only good so it’s a no brainer. It astounds me that intelligent and loving parents can try to find reasons not to do this basic thing which will help protect not only your own but other children around you. I say in my post that I think it’s just child abuse if you don’t – I stand by that!

  8. I totally agree with you on the vaccination topic, it is narrow-minded and selfish (in my opinion) to choose not to vaccinate. Our children aren’t able to speak up for themselves but I’ve also felt that if medical experts are recommending it then I should go with that and not my own fears/un-founded opinion. By not vaccinating are we not putting not only our own children but other people’s too, at risk? The response above was rather defensive I feel. We are each entitled to our opinion and your blog is your private space to do as you wish!

    Loving the cute shoes on your little man! Thanks for linking to #oldiesbutgoodies

    1. Thank you! I obviously agree and yes, it was all totally defensive. I suspect they know what I am saying is true and that what they are doing is barmy. Why else would they have this secret undercover group? If they thought they were in the right then surely they’d stand up to be counted!! Such a shame you’re finishing your linky! 🙂

  9. Mary has a very valid point… The flu vaccine is a live vaccine and therefore any unvaccinated children would be at risk due to the ‘shedding’ factor. Your doctor may advice that it is ok, but does that mean it actually is? What research have you done to ensure you are making the best decision. Do you simply go strictly on the trust basis of professionals or have you researched the ingredients and potential side effects yourself.

    Are you aware that SIDS is listed as a possible side effect of some of the under 1 vaccinations? Check it out yourself if you would like. Do you also know that Japan is the only country to delay their childhood immunisation programme till age 2 years, similarly Japan has the lowest rate of SIDS in the whole entire world.

    There is a PRO VACCINE Dr, his name is Dr Richard Halvorsen… His books and online site provide very good insight into the world of vaccinations and the information provided does not come from a general practitioner dealing with odds and ends of everything, nor does it come from a Dr Who has been struck off, nor does it come from someone who disagrees with vaccination…. It comes from a trained and qualified professional who has specialised in the administering and study of vaccinations for many many years. It would be nice to think parents conduct adequate and sufficient research before deciding to inject their child with man made versions of very serious diseases

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