Lollibop – The Final Line Up!

With less than three weeks until the Lollibop Festival the excitment is really starting to build! I just can’t wait to take both the children again this summer to what I know will be the highlight of all our days out. It’s a full and fun packed day which when you look at the cost of everything you will get to do there individually, is an absolute snip for the price! If you go you will have children that smile […]

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Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist!

I love being on a long car journey. Call me mad but as a non driver and always passenger, I find it very relaxing to be chauffered around from place place while I sit back and listen to music. I’ve had friendships form on car journeys and fallen a little bit more in love even, while tracks from times gone past have blasted our ear drums and we’ve sung out as loudly as we can, mixing singing and conversation. Memories with music have been […]

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Oh How Times Have Changed!

I remember long summers of playing out doors with only the instruction to come home for tea. My friends and I didn’t get up to much, we lived in Norfolk so there wasn’t MUCH we could have got up to if I’m honest, but we had fun outside all day long. We would ride our bikes down to the the weir (sounds pretty dangerous now I think about it, what if one of us had fallen in) or up to […]

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Horrible Histories Spied At IWM!

A while back Florence, Jimmy and I were invited to a DVD launch of the children’s television series, Horrible Histories. It was Florence’s first real introduction and while probably younger than the intended demographic, she had a real blast and loved singing along to all the slightly rude and very funny songs! We took along my twelve year old sister who is a big fan of the show and it proved that it’s suitable, funny and topical for a big […]

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Hasbro Have Got Christmas Wrapped Up!

Yesterday while at a blogging event I heard about another event being held down the road. Not being the shy type I decided to chance my arm and see if I could gate crash. I wouldn’t ordinarily do that but the event was being held by Hasbro and it’s not really a secret that we’re rather frond of toys in this house! I was really rather lucky as they very kindly allowed me to come in and spend the afternoon […]

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The Smurfs Are Back! And They Bring Toys!

When I was little my Dad lived in Holland. There were two things that were very popular with the children there that my friends in the UK hadn’t really caught on to in quite the same way – they did, but not until much later! The first was the Pink Panther who I still really love and the other was Smurfs! They were literally like the Dutch Peppa Pig when I was a child and I fell in love with […]

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100 Butlers For 100 Millionaires!

I play the lottery a bit. Not every week but every now and then and sometimes I even buy a scratch card. I know the likelihood of winning is very minimal but for those hours after I’ve bought the ticket I get to wonder if I might just be the winner and I get to think about all the things I would do with the prize! Even though I haven’t won yet, buying that little bit of hopefulness is worth […]

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The World Is Your Toy-Ster With Argos!

You always hear about toys shops running out when it gets to Christmas and parents running around from shop to shop trying to find the toy their little ones have asked for because the parents have left it until last minute! Well, that happened to me for the first time last year and I ran around everywhere trying to find it. For some reason I didn’t go to Argos first and I really regret that decision as it was indeed […]

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Lollibop Goes For Gold With Charity Barnardos!

Those lovely folk over at Lollibop have decided to join hands with children’s charity Barnardo’s for this year’s bash! I just can’t think of a more fitting charity for the festival as both are so solely focused on children and with Barnardo’s holding ‘Big Toddle’ events to raise money, I can’t think of a better venue than the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park! What a pairing for this latest news from the big bash for little people! LOLLIBOP PARTNERS WITH BARNARDO’S […]

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Yaya Lala Shoes Are Divine!

When I first had Florence I didn’t know anyone else in my area who had children. It didn’t take long however to make some mummy friends at play groups. I think I had assumed that ‘mummy friends’ would be the people I hung out with while I had a baby and not really the people I continued to hang out with from choice later on. I couldn’t have been more wrong because the group of women I met are amazing. […]

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