Hasbro Have Got Christmas Wrapped Up!

Yesterday while at a blogging event I heard about another event being held down the road. Not being the shy type I decided to chance my arm and see if I could gate crash. I wouldn’t ordinarily do that but the event was being held by Hasbro and it’s not really a secret that we’re rather frond of toys in this house!

I was really rather lucky as they very kindly allowed me to come in and spend the afternoon playing with them and I’m SO glad they did!

I had no idea how many wonderful toys are produced by Hasbro, things like Monopoly and My Little Pony which are personal old favourites of mine along with lots, lots more and all the new things they have specially lined up for the festive period this year were there for us all to see in the flesh, get out of their boxes and have a jolly good fun time playing with! Wonderful!

While there I found some toys which had been re-vamped, others which I knew little or nothing about and some which I would never have expected Florence to enjoy so much but now I know otherwise!

The top toys for Christmas 2013 that were on show came from leading toy brands such as Furby and Nerf and they are BOTH things we came away wanting to put on our Christmas list!

Hasbro Xmas
First up I have to start with Monopoly! The old fave has had a make over and can now be played in half an hour as you gather empires rather than properties! The Game Of Life has also had a shiny new coat of paint and now you can become a star as you work your way round the board! I played both of these as a youngster and I still play Monopoly today with my husband. When we first met we played it all the time – didn’t I tell you how Rock ‘n’ Roll we were when we met? 😉 I’d love to have a play of the newest version, it looks fab!
Hasbro Xmas 4
We’d been somewhere earlier in the day where the new Furby was a hit with Florence and it was no different at Hasbro along with the Furreal My Giggly Monkey Pet! Florence carried them round with her all over the place but the real surprise was how much Jimmy loved the Furby Boom too! Of course they can do loads of interactive things on tablets that my two are too young for but I don’t think that really mattered, they thought they were fab!

Hasbro Xmas 1

Hasbro Xmas 2
The massive surprise for me was the Nerf toys! Especially the more girlier versions like the Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow! Earlier on in the day we’d been somewhere where they said Florence was too young to have a go but here she was allowed to fire off darts wherever she liked and she had a brilliant time! In fact ALL the children at the event did and we all ended up staying until the very end because the children were deep into their game! I loved it. Ok, so it’s intended for 8 plus but I’d let Florence have a go and Jimmy thought it was great fun collecting the darts! This toy is actually very inexpensive! I was very surprised to learn one of them, the one Florence liked best, is just £7.99!
Hasbro Xmas 3
And into the girlie room! Awesome! Florence liked the My Little Ponies who have had a bit of a glam up since the last time I saw them and also have lots of other things to go with them like these super cute Equestria Girls Dolls which are a group of girl dolls who all go to school together and have a secret other life as their pony alter egos! If I know little girls then I know this will be a hit! We also loved the Play-doh Perfect Twist Ice Cream Parlour Playset which works so well and reminded me of the mop top hair shop I always wanted when I was little! And then Florence became VERY drawn to the Showcam by Playskool! Well, with a snap happy Mamma like me of course she would be!

We had such a fun day and even though we were there for HOURS (Sorry Hasbro), it wasn’t enough to get round all the things they had on display!

Hands down two favourite things from the day are the Furby Boom and the Nerf toys! Brilliant! Bring on the festive fun!

Thanks to Hasbro for letting us gate crash! We had such a brilliant afternoon watching the children play and I got to chatter away to the lovely Emily, Laura and Lauren!

I have not been paid to write this post.