Rug Doctor – Review!

Before we had our carpets the floors in our flat were a mess. The person who had converted the house had made some very interesting choices and bodges along his development journey and we were left with uneven floors, skirting boards that started half way up the wall and nothing the same from one room to the next. I never really wanted carpets if I’m honest but with awful floor boards and the mess above them it was the only […]

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Seraphine Breast Feeding Shawl!

I first found my lovely Seraphine breast feeding shawl back in November when I attended the launch of the Marlebone store! My lovely breast feeding shawl from Seraphine! It was my first introduction to Seraphine as although I had heard of them I’d not managed to see any of their clothes before. There was a lot to fall in love with at the store and it wasn’t just the shawl which took my eye! Rows upon rows of gorgeous coats, […]

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Dressing your Baby Bump this Spring!

In winter a growing baby belly can be easily hidden under big jumpers, slouchy coats and generally super warm clothes that are ideal when you want to stay comfy at a fairly uncomfortable time in your life. However, it gets a little bit trickier when spring comes around, and the addition of your increasing bump teamed with the days getting warmer will probably cause you to roast if you continue to wear coverall jumpers. So what can you wear when […]

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Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg Delicousness!

‘Would I like to review an Easter egg?’ was the question… Hmmm, ‘It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it was the answer!’ (Of course!) Well… I’m not stupid! It wasn’t (note how I talk in the past tense) any old Easter egg though I have to admit! This was an AMAZINGLY beautiful and decadent looking Easter egg… An Easter egg for a real treat! It was even delivered in a gorgeous gift bag! Hotel Chocolat sent me their […]

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Tesco Meat Free Range!

We do eat meat but I absolutely love vegetarian food and will often choose a veggie option rather than meat. My veggie lasagne is a family favourite and I also absolutely love to eat nut roast! The thing about veggie food is that I often have to spend a long time preparing it to make it full of flavour and very often I just don’t have time. It’s sometimes easier to go down the meat route because it doesn’t need […]

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Lollibop 2014 Announcement!

It’s the festival news all families with pre-schoolers have been waiting for! The Lollibop Festival has announced dates and a brand new exciting venue for the frolics! HOW exciting! 15th to 17th August! At… Drum roll… Hatfield House in Hertfordshire! Don’t panic! It’s easy to get to from London! My heart did sink, I have to admit! We’re used to it being in London and I was a tiny bit worried but as soon as I read the following it […]

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Chocolate Fondant Cup Cakes – #ELC Bake Off!

The Early learning Centre set us a challenge for Mother’s Day to join in with their bake off and create something yummy in the kitchen using their ‘Let’s Bake’ range of products! Florence loves to bake and in particular likes to bake cup cakes so she was very pleased to have been sent the Cup Cake baking Set which we think is fabulous value at £15 and comes with a baking tray, silicon cases, piping equipment, a cake stand and […]

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Little Birds Welly Splash!

Ok, so you may have noticed I love Jools Oliver’s Little Bird range at Mothercare! I like it for all sorts of reasons; the retro vibe, the fact the clothes make children look like children, the floral prints, the value of the items, the detailing, the colours, the fact that they’re so well made and wash well, that lots of the pieces are unisex… But, one really good point is that they have lastability! I had loads of last year’s range […]

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WIN A Family Ticket For Drusillas Park!

I’ve mentioned before that we’re all huge fans of Drusilla’s Park in East Sussex! We went last year for Jimmy’s birthday and it was brilliant! I love the way that even at just one year old he was able to run around all day as it was so safe and of course he loved the animals and rides! There’s a pretty heavy ‘Thomas’ theme for little train fans which I think he’ll enoy even more this year but this summer […]

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Picanova For Mother’s Day With 72% Off!

I love having pictures blown up and printed on to canvas, it can make even photographs you’ve taken yourself look really professional and is a totally gorgeous way of displaying your favourite pictures! We have one of Jimmy when he was just a week old and I love it but I want to get some more! I have a picture of Florence and Jimmy splashing about in a puddle and as an ordinary photo in a frame, because you can’t […]

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