My First Trampoline!

We’re staying at my Mum’s at the moment as we came down for Mother’s Day. As is typical of my Mum, who doesn’t seem to get the concept of being the one to be spoiled herself, she had bought the children a present to have when we arrived! My Mum has a massive garden and for a long time has talked about having a lovely little area devoted for the children to have fun in. She is having a summer […]

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New Pampers Nappies!

Last weekend I bought some super market own brand nappies while I was in Waitrose. Now, I’ve used supermarket own brand nappies before and often found them to be pretty good. Perhaps not as good as Pampers but they work and if you haven’t used a premium brand like Pampers for a long time you’ve not a lot to compare it to. The Waitrose nappies were NOT much cheaper than Pampers but I thought I’d give them a go as […]

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Hillarys – Blinds In Three Moods!

Last week I was invited to come and have a sneak peek of the new collections from Hillarys. Firstly I got to wander around the Ideal Home Show and then, over a cocktail and some yummy food, the people from Hillary’s showed me what’s been in the design studio for their new looks. Now blinds haven’t actually been on my radar since having children. Before Florence was born we had them in every room but I insisted they all come […]

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My Mum’s Mother’s Day Flowers!

My Mum had an early Mother’s Day delivery for when we arrived back at hers yesterday! She’d been staying at mine and then we went back to Norwich with her to find a big box on the doorstep. They were the beautiful flowers I knew were coming for her for Mother’s day! Mother’s Day Flowers! They’d actually arrived the day before so I was a bit worried they may have not lasted over night without having been put in a […]

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Rude London!

London is so rude. I don’t mean the actual City itself of course, actually it’s quite inviting, but the people, the hustle and bustle lot who can never wait five seconds for anything as they make their way about their day; they can just be so totally and unnecessarily rude! I’ve written before about the commuter’s who tut as you stand on the escalator with a buggy and make them wait all of 15 seconds to get to the bottom […]

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Little Bird Navy Buckle Shoes!

Yes, I’m back with another Little Bird post! Well, when the clothes are this fab they simply have to be shouted about! I just wanted to mention how much I love the unisex quality of Jools Oliver’s designs for Mothercare! I love that my children can both wear the same clothes and also, when they grow out of them Jimmy will just grow into Florence’s which means they last even longer! Today I have to give a massive shout out […]

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Children’s Cookery Classes – BKD Class!

On Wednesday the children and I were invited to attend a BKD class in a super trendy cafe on Regent’s Canal. Adelle Frejus, founder of BKD, a London based children’s cookery school takes classes in both the Proud Archivist and her own home with more venues in the offing and with lots of different classes taking place we were all set for our ‘Ooh Arr pirate biscuit decorating’ session. Of course I knew Florence would LOVE it and she did! […]

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A Morrisons Summer!

Yesterday I was treated to a sneak peak of the Morrisons summer range… BBQ food and summer delights, sunshine clothes, pincic ware, garden toys, wine and much more… It was all utterly, utterly delicious and with beautiful colours and fresh tastes, smells and looks to everything i think we’re set for a summer of fun and smiles with a hint of glamour on the side! First stop wine… Well, you have to start somewhere don’t you? I never know where […]

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Win In The Night Garden Live Tickets!

We love In The Night Garden Live! Well, we love In The Night Garden so of course we adore seeing the live show! We enjoy it so much that this will be our fourth year in a row of going to see it and we can’t wait! Jimmy was only a few weeks old the first time he saw it and now he’s nearly two, for his third visit, he is just a big a fan as Florence who first […]

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Clarks New iPad Foot Measure!

We don’t actually have an iPad ourselves but that doesn’t mean Florence doesn’t know exactly how to use one! Her Granny has one and it’s almost the first thing Florence asks to play with when we arrive for a visit! We have a different make tablet which Florence also asks to play with regularly and indeed thinks of as her own. To Florence, using a device like this is just normal. It’s more normal for her than me because she’s […]

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