Hillarys – Blinds In Three Moods!

Last week I was invited to come and have a sneak peek of the new collections from Hillarys.

Firstly I got to wander around the Ideal Home Show and then, over a cocktail and some yummy food, the people from Hillary’s showed me what’s been in the design studio for their new looks.

Now blinds haven’t actually been on my radar since having children. Before Florence was born we had them in every room but I insisted they all come down when I was pregnant after reading horror stories about blinds and children and to be honest, I’ve not really considered them since.

I didn’t appreciate that you can have cordless blinds and that there are actually lots of ways to make them safe. On top of this, in April new guidelines come in so that they can all be child friendly! Now that I know… Well, some of the designs that I saw are so beautiful that I really, REALLY want to have them in my house and knowing they no longer have to have dangerous cords, I think the first room in my decorating imagination would actually be for the children’s room!

There are so many to choose from and all different styles too but we were shown roller blinds from the new collections which has been created around three different mood boards. Three collections with up coming trends for the new season.

Hillarys Blinds Post

The three mood boards creating three very different vibes and offering something to suit everyone!

Hillarys Blinds

I liked this collection the most for the darker more sophisticated colours and in particular the pin striped material which I think would look excellent in a very grown up bedroom!

Hillarys Blinds Post 2

Seeing some of the blinds made up and I instantly knew it was the lace effect and boat scenes which were my favourites. I would have the lace look blind in my bedroom and the little boats could be used in children’s rooms, bathrooms or kitchens! It’s so cheery that I would love looking at this every day wouldn’t you!

Having seen the new collections and I’m rather thinking my curtains are untidy and cheap looking… We didn’t have them made to measure as Hillarys offers and I think you absolutely can tell. In an ideal world I would have cordless made to measure blinds in my flat, especially in my big bay window in the living room which looks very messy with the curtains… When we move I know that my design ideas will be coming from a very different view point!

When it comes to the children, who are going to have a bit of a bedroom make over soon because of bunk beds ideas, I think I would choose them something fun and funky from the Hillary’s children’s collection. I really like their navy landmarks blind which is fun drawn on London landmarks of the world!

For myself I think the lace in the bedroom and then after flipping through the sample fabrics I’d have to choose the slightly sparkly cream material! Yet again I’m dreaming of interiors… I think I have finally turned into my Mum!

I’d like to say a big thanks to Hillary’s for putting blind back on my radar and educating me in how safe they can be. I no longer feel frightened and am very excited to see these new collections hit the shops! (Oh and also I have to say thank you for the yummy fish and chips!)

Hillarys Blinds Post 1

Fish and chip cones which were served at super swanky ‘Made In Chelsea’ hang out ‘The Pembroke’… Nice work if you can get it eh!

I was invited to see the new collections from Hillarys.