My Mum’s Mother’s Day Flowers!

My Mum had an early Mother’s Day delivery for when we arrived back at hers yesterday!

She’d been staying at mine and then we went back to Norwich with her to find a big box on the doorstep.

They were the beautiful flowers I knew were coming for her for Mother’s day!

Tesco Flowers Post

Mother’s Day Flowers!

They’d actually arrived the day before so I was a bit worried they may have not lasted over night without having been put in a vase, however when we got them out of the box they were pretty lovely and had a fantastic wet material base which had kept them hydrated.

A couple of them had dropped a little bit but within an hour of being in proper water with the food supplied and they were all perky again!

My Mum loves them but she is always one who would say ‘Please don’t pay for flowers to be delivered, it’s such a waste of money when you can just bring me a bunch when I see you.’ Obviously we live in London and she in Norwich so that’s not always possible but I wouldn’t ever want to pay over the odds for a flower delivery service because I know this would upset her. These ones were from the Tesco Flowers service however, which has lots of bunches with completely free delivery so that definitely pleases her and she was very impressed with the volume of flowers in this ‘Finest’ bouquet!

Tesco Flowers Post 2

The flowers arranged in a vase by my Mum, who incidentally would have loved to have been a florist. We will have them on the table for lunch today!

The flowers were well packaged and looked after and they were wrapped beautifully!

Happy Mother’s Day Mummy/Gram!

My Mum was sent a bunch of flowers from Tesco for the purpose of an honest review.