My First Trampoline!

We’re staying at my Mum’s at the moment as we came down for Mother’s Day. As is typical of my Mum, who doesn’t seem to get the concept of being the one to be spoiled herself, she had bought the children a present to have when we arrived!

My Mum has a massive garden and for a long time has talked about having a lovely little area devoted for the children to have fun in. She is having a summer house built for herself and wants to be able to watch them from there having fun. She has had plans for quite some time and wants them to have a play house with some play equipment and a trampoline.

This weekend, the present she had bought was the trampoline! It’s a fairly small trampoline, only suitable for one child at a time but is big enough for my two to have fun on and I’ve been so impressed with it that I wanted to write a post about the fun we’ve been having on it!

It’s the My First Trampoline from Plum, a company we totally trust after having used other products from them and the little trampoline has also impressed us! I won’t lie, it was a bugger to put up but between my Mum and I we managed it in under the time specified on the instructions. It was just hard work that’s all! But worth it when we saw how excited the children were and they’ve been excitedly bouncing ever since!

Take a look!

I like the way it’s low to the ground, the netting goes up much higher than the children and even though it’s considered a ‘My First’ trampoline I can see this would last a child until about age 8-10… I just wish that we had a bigger one because I want a go but the weight limit is 5 and a half stone so I’d better not!

My Mum bought it in Argos where it is selling for just £80 at the moment! Bargain!

The children are thrilled so thanks Mum! We love being up and playing in your garden!

I was not gifted or asked in any way to write about this trampoline. We love it and thought you might too!


2 thoughts on “My First Trampoline!

  1. Awww your Mum is so sweet! Bet the kiddies were so pleased! My two love there trampoline they are on it daily!

  2. This looks great, just the right size for a first trampoline. Definitely going to check it out 🙂

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