Blowing Raspberries With A New Bit Of iCandy!

Jimmy has just decided that he really, REALLY likes blowing raspberries! And he has started blowing them ALL the time! Quite apt then that the new buggy he’s being sent to try out is called none other than a Raspberry! He’s going to love that! And I’m going to love having a new bit of iCandy on my arm (well, hands but you know what I mean)! I’ve even chosen to have it in red (or lush if you will […]

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We’re Lollibop Festival Ambassadors!

We feel very lucky that again this year we have been asked to be Lollibop ambassadors! I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, it is an absolute highlight of this summer calendar for us and if I’m honest, not just for the children but for me too! I flipping LOVE it! This year, as usual, we will be going on the Friday. This means however, that we will miss Justin Fletcher… I’ve ummed and ahhed about whether we […]

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Couscous Stuffed Aubergine With Coriander Yogurt Dressing!

I serve this dish as an accompaniment to lots of other little dishes along with humus, pittas and olives but it would be perfect as a main dish serving half an aubergine per person with a few salad leaves on the side. I love aubergine because it is cheap, tasty and incredibly filling. It’s also really versatile and is perfect for all sorts of vegetarian dishes as well as being fabulous with meat. Stuffed aubergine is quite a popular choice […]

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I’m A ‘Plum’ Ambassador!

I’ve reviewed a few Plum toys on the blog; some I’ve been sent in return for an honest review and others, like the trampoline I recently wrote about, we’ve bought because we genuinely love the products! I was thrilled when Plum asked me if I’d like to be an ambassador for their products and it means I can bring you all the latest news on what’s new and hot in their shop! Like for instance… The new kitchen they’re bringing out with […]

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King Prawns With Mango, Chilli and Lime Salsa!

This is a brilliantly summery dish which goes perfectly with BBQ food. The prawns can be cooked under a grill if you don’t want to fire up the BBQ just for them but they do taste a little bit special when done over charcoal! I bought my prawns on the market in Norwich so I know they were super fresh and they were a great price too! £5 for 12 raw king prawns (and they were giant) says that shopping […]

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Roasted Butternut Squash And Feta Salad With Honey And Mustard Dressing!

This is a really quick vegetarian salad which is perfect for summer dining. It would be an ace accompaniment to any BBQ, be it traditional or veggie and could be made into a stand alone meal by adding some quinoa or couscous. It’s lovely when prepared in advance and served cold but just a touch more tempting when the butternut squash is warm from the oven. Hope you enjoy. Ingredients: A bag of baby leaf salad leaves A small butternut squash, […]

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A Monster Confession!

Jimmy doesn’t sleep. He just doesn’t and at two year’s old it’s getting a bit much waking up three or four times in the night to then get up for the day at 5.30. He wants to feed much of the time which is irritating as he doesn’t even go back to sleep as a result of it! Then because he wants to twiddle the boob he’s not feeding on it’s also quite painful! I want him to self wean […]

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Doc McStuffins – Doc Is In Play House!

Doc McStuffins never gets tired of in our house. Florence was hooked from the minute she saw it (good old Disney magic again) and Jimmy likes it too now! I have to admit the songs are catchy and enough to keep even me entertained with them. It’s yet another Disney CD I don’t mind being played in the car while my husband shrinks with ‘not this again’! Still, 3 against 1 and you know who wins! Florence has had quite […]

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Ruth’s Chicken Pie Recipe!

I make this super easy chicken pie for Florence and Jimmy and they both really like it! (As long as I don’t burn the onion and get black bits in it!) They’re both really fussy but this is always a hit and I’m pleased because it has all the food groups in one dish, I can make loads, freeze it and then only have one thing to contend with heating up for them! It’s also a really good weaning recipe […]

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Frozen Is A Puzzle!

I wonder is there a little girl in the land who isn’t a bit in love with Disney’s ‘Frozen’? Heck! Even I am in love with ‘Frozen’ and when Florence is asking Daddy to put her songs on in the car I 100% don’t back him up when he says we can’t get enough signal for the CD player to work (seriously, as if she’s not going to cotton on to that soon anyway)! My favourite song is ‘Love Is An […]

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