Setting The Record Straight With Legal Advice!

A while back on Twitter I was accused of writing a ‘dime a dozen’ review blog. The comment came from some chump who didn’t like my opinion on something or other and he was basically saying that I was happy to write glowingly positive reviews in return for something free even if I didn’t like the product. This chap very clearly hadn’t actually read my blog because if he had of done then he’d know that although I offer glowing […]

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Do You #LoveYourFreezer?!

When I think of freezer food I suppose immediately what comes to mind are fish fingers, chicken nuggets, chips and things like potato waffles. These are all things my husband categorises as ‘beige food’ and although there’s definitely a time and place for a fish finger sarnie or some oven chips, I think on the whole I try to steer away from those types of suppers. Quick it may be to get something out of the freezer but convenience often means […]

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Stelle Audio – Go-Go Speaker!

A while back when at the preview for the Mothercare Spring/Summer 2015 preview I got talking to Stelle Audio who have a new product for sale with MC. They gave me one of their Go-Go Speakers to try for size and now I am able to report back on it. We’ve always taken mini speakers away with us, even way back when I was a teenager. I remember having a small set that cost just £4.99 from Boots in the […]

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Worlds Apart Play Tents!

We’re big fans of the company Worlds Apart. They make gorgeous things for children’s bedrooms and to play in and we especially love their lighting range as well as their day beds which are ace for going away, having friends over or even for just a ‘camp in’ at home. Just before Christmas we were sent a couple of their Play Tents to review and the children have been going wild for them! They love a tent (who doesn’t) but […]

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The Treehouse At Number 9!

I heard about something really cool and just wanted to quickly share it with you because it’s for such a good cause and it’s completely FREE as well as being lovely. A wonderful e-book app for children with a great message and cause behind it definitely needs to be given a moment! When Sara Jackson’s eldest was entering his terrible 2’s, his baby brother had just been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Desperate for stories to help the family […]

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There Were Ten In The Bed!

When we first lived together Jonny and I rented a furnished apartment in Old Ford Lock. It was directly opposite the Olympic Stadium although back then they had only just started to build it and sitting on the balcony probably wasn’t as restful as I assume it is these days. The wow factor came more from the fact we had celebrities in the building than what you could see on the other side of the river; diggers and cranes were not […]

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The Top 10 Best Ways to Relax at Home

It should be the easiest thing in the world. You aren’t at work, you’re warm, you can shut yourself off from the outside world. However, whether it’s because of things playing on your mind, an inability to focus on the present or a simple case of not being able to find the time, many of us struggle to relax even in our free time whilst in our own homes. The main thing to remember is that relaxing is not something […]

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Shameless Mummy!

This week has seen me display some absolutely monumental parenting – If only that was true and I wasn’t being in the slightest bit sarcastic… So I have managed to trap Jimmy’s fingers in the door resulting in an A&E dash when we were supposed to be on our way to a screening of a new film and on top of that have screamed at both of them in the street like the woman from Shameless… Terrible but then I […]

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A Chinese New Year Feast For Chopsticks!

We were sent some rather lovely training chopticks by CleverstiX from the Science Museum shop and in order to try them out to their best possible advantage I decided I was going to cook some Chinese food. With Chinese New Year coming up on February 19th there seemed like no better time to get the Wok out and make an oriental feast. I have made this recipe before and I have adapted it from a 1980’s Marks and Spencer cook book from pork […]

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A Wobbily, Wobbily Farm – Weebles!

I’m a big fan of Weebles and have been since I was a child when they were considerably smaller than they are these days! The fact they’ve doubled in size doesn’t take away from any of the fun of the Weebles that wobble but don’t fall down and my children enjoy playing with them just as much as I did when I was little. A while back Peppa Pig and friends were even turned into their own Weeble characters and we […]

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