The Treehouse At Number 9!

I heard about something really cool and just wanted to quickly share it with you because it’s for such a good cause and it’s completely FREE as well as being lovely. A wonderful e-book app for children with a great message and cause behind it definitely needs to be given a moment!

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When Sara Jackson’s eldest was entering his terrible 2’s, his baby brother had just been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Desperate for stories to help the family during this difficult time, she found nothing suitable or uplifting in the market. With a career in TV drama and a passion for storytelling she decided to write her own, and turned to her friend, fellow creative mum and graphic designer Karen Shooter, to join forces. Together over the next 8 years they collaborated while balancing life as working mums, and what emerged were some beautifully designed children’s stories.

As a powerful force, the duo continue to write and illustrate alongside their continuing careers and family lives. The stories they create are intended to inspire and entertain, opening the eyes of both the kids and parents who read them. The Treehouse at Number 9 is the first series in this journey and something very close to their hearts.The Treehouse at Number 9 is a beautifully designed musical e-book about an exciting gang of friends, the Genies, who all have differences in their abilities. The rhyming story shows their adventures and them having lots of fun together, and the accompanying music, which is adaptive and originally created, is the real genius of this lovely App. There is also a narration option for early readers, where Sara, her children and their friend, will read the story to you.


Jean Genie is the granny of this family who live at Number 9. She shares her big happy house with her son The Duke and his wife Mummy Carey, who are parents to Joe and his little brother Ted. The boys go to school with Macro, Angel, Oscar, Cee-Cee, Flo and Lugs and together they make up the Genies Gang.

As a gang of friends they all have things that they are brilliant at or struggle a little with, and some of those challenges are caused by medical conditions that the children happen to have. The story shows them going about their daily lives having as much fun as possible, and supporting each other so that they can all enjoy themselves in the same way.

Flo, Macro, Angel, Ted and Oscar have friends with similar conditions that you can find on the Genetic Disorders UK website, in some of the amazing films that are on there. We are certain once you have read and listened to the Treehouse at Number 9 with your children and their friends, everyone will want to be part of the gang. To experience
The Treehouse at Number 9 for free and find out more about their adventures, download this app on your iPad.

The Treehouse at Number IS IT FREE, why?

Sara and Karen decided to offer the Genies and their adventures to help increase awareness and acceptance of children with differences, and highlight the work of one of the charities that help families like Sara and children like her little boy. While the stories are fun and positive, if they can help affected children and their families with the success of this book, then that will be a bonus. What might help with this is a unique feature of the App – a Donate button – that goes straight to the Genetic Disorders UK site. While there is no obligation to donate, readers are encouraged to take a look around to see how the charity are helping many others affected by conditions just like the Genies Gang. Karen
and Sara’s main hope is that you will read and enjoy the book, spread the word about all you learn and come back to see the Genies in their Treehouse very soon.

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