A Night At The Movies With Gracewell!

To celebrate the start of the weekend we have a little tradition of a Friday night movie. I usually pick the film and then we all settle down in front of the TV and fire for a retro classic accompanied by treats like Pizza and popcorn! We started doing it while we were waiting to move and Jonny often wouldn’t be home in time meaning it was just me and the little ones. We had lots of fun but now […]

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My First Ballet – Sleeping Beauty – Review!

We spent a couple of days in London with good friends last week and at the end of our trip we were supposed to round it off with a trip to the Ballet. Unfortunately we had to cut our trip a little jaunt short due to commitments at home and missed this pinnacle to our stay; we felt even more sorry for it when we read our good friend Katy’s (from Modern Mummy) review of the show. Luckily for us the […]

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Dr Bunsen’s Recipe Challenge – Win Giant Crumpets Hamper & £200 Shopping Voucher With Warburtons And My Caramelised Banana Crumpet Crumble Recipe!

In the world of crumpets, Warburtons have hit the nail on the head with their giant versions. A way to make you FEEL like you’re only eating one while still making you FEEL like you’ve eaten enough crumpet (actually, there’s probably never enough crumpets but you catch my drift)! Bigger is definitely better when it comes to those yummy warm treats which are so delicious served sweet but equally as yummy eaten as a savoury dish! And the brand HAS to […]

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BT And Unicef Internet Saftey Workshops!

Internet safety is most certainly something which crosses my mind every day. I’m a blogger, a lot of my life, including that of my family, is on line and I am careful with the things I do. But that’s me. That’s my lookout for myself and I’m an adult, I’m capable, I think. I’m not sure however, that I’d thought much about my children looking after themselves on-line too. I mean they’re very young and at this stage they don’t […]

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Supper At The Royal Albert Hall – Verdi – Review!

We were in London last week with Katy from Modern Mummy in search of some very special things to do as tourists in our capital (as families) for the first time. Both Katy and I are ex London dwellers so to be visiting as tourists doesn’t come naturally and it was a strange feeling taking a tour of the Globe and looking at London with fresh eyes. As a Londoner we rush past the beauty and awe of the city […]

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What To Do For FREE In London And A Travelodge Docklands – Review!

It’s the Easter holidays and usually we would be in London moving and shaking, nipping about on the tube, frequenting our favourite museums and having entertainment for free or next to nothing on tap. Obviously since we moved to Norfolk things are a bit different and although we are loving our new life in the country, we do miss some of the amazing things on offer in the capital. Don’t get me wrong, there are amazing things for children to do […]

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