#ThankYouMum With P&G!

Seemed ironic that on Tuesday I asked my Mum to help me out, yet again, and have the children for me while I skipped off to London to attend P&G’s #ThankYouMum event. My Mum is ALWAYS helping me out and despite it being her birthday the day before, meaning she’d have to sleep on the blow up bed in my house on the night of her special day, she agreed to baby sit for me as she always does. I […]

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Clangers Magazine – Review!

We’re massove fans of the Clangers and since the CBeebies revival of the well loved show we’ve been watching and enjoying. The children are so fond that they’ve also got a few of the toys which get played with often and I love the little charcters too so I’ve even begun to knit my own (with a pattern from the BBC website). I’ve done all the knitting part but I’m yet to sew it all together. When I do I […]

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Praise Where Praise Is Due!

I’m a big one for complaining if something isn’t right. Food comes out late in a restaurant or not to my liking and I let the wating staff know. I’m not shy about it and it drives my husband nuts. He’d much rather do the British thing of accepting what’s served, eating it politely, paying and even tipping despite not enjoying an experience. We are very different on that front and it does sometimes cause us to lock horns because […]

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It’s #NationalTeaDay – Our Jakks Pacific Tea Party To Celebrate!

If there’s one type of toy sure to put a smile on my little girl’s face then it’s definitely got Disney and Princess in the title! So, when Jakks Pacific asked if we’d like to hold a tea party in order to celebrate #NationalTeaDay I knew that I couldn’t refuse! National tea day could be any day in this house but as there’s an actual declared date for it then we’d have been churlish not to join in with the […]

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Casdon Woodplay Barn – Review!

A while back we were sent a Casdon Woodplay Castle Playset which Jimmy has absolutely loved and played with very frequently ever since. I like it because it’s small with everything fitting inside and because it also has a handle it can be carried easily from room to room. In the new house I’m not keen on toys litering the floors of anywhere but their bedrooms but I do allow a few to make it into the living room and […]

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Interplay’s FabLab Metallic Tattoos – Review!

We’ve always enjoyed using the Interplay kits, especially those belonging to their FabLab range. We’ve made bath bombs and chalked our hair different colours and we absolutely LOVE the glitter tattoo kits! I always use them at birthday parties which reminds me, I must get some for Jimmy’s coming up! Because we love the glitter tattoo kit so much I was kind of sure that we would enjoy the Metallic Tattoo Kit too and I wasn’t disappointed. We’ve been havig […]

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How important is music at a wedding?

Music has the power to stir up memories, make you feel passionate or elated and ultimately share these emotions with the one you love. This is why it’s so important to feature the right music at your wedding from the music played while guests wait for the bride to arrive at the ceremony to the dance floor to encourage people to get up and dance. The music you play on your big day is just as important as your engagement […]

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