Interplay’s FabLab Metallic Tattoos – Review!

We’ve always enjoyed using the Interplay kits, especially those belonging to their FabLab range. We’ve made bath bombs and chalked our hair different colours and we absolutely LOVE the glitter tattoo kits! I always use them at birthday parties which reminds me, I must get some for Jimmy’s coming up!

Because we love the glitter tattoo kit so much I was kind of sure that we would enjoy the Metallic Tattoo Kit too and I wasn’t disappointed. We’ve been havig a play tonight and it’s so super easy to do that J ran off with some I’d cut out for him and applied them on his own, in the bathroom, without instructions or the sponge that comes with the kit. I guess he’s had a fair few temporary tattoos at parties and knows the drill! Peel off the front, apply to skin, rub gently with water and voila!

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We all applied our own without even needing the instructions!
We all applied our own without even needing the instructions!

This kit comes with over 120 designs on four sheets and some of them are so lovely that I’m keeping them aside for myself in the summer (that’s a bit mean isn’t it but…)! Metallic tattoos are generally very expensive to buy so at £9.99 for this kit I’d say it’s very reasonable. They really are very easy to apply and the children entertained themselves with the tattoos for ages while I made dinner.

I would say, as ever with the Interplay kits, that the packaging is a little unnecessary. Even more so with this kit as it really is just some flat sheets, a sponge and a pair of scissors (which actually don’t work as they are plastic). I discarded the whole box and scissors which has left me with the gorgeous tattoos and sponge and they take up barely any room whereas the box is quite bulky!

All in all and as I always find with Interplay kits, they work and you can’t ask for more than that. You may have to use a different pair of scissors (who doesn’t have a pair in the kitchen drawer) but the price of the tattoos is brilliant and the designs are gorgeous from feathers to rings, necklaces, bitterflies and more mascune looking ones as well!

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We are very impressed and they stayed on all weekend so have longevity too!

I was sent the Interplay FabLab Metallic tattoos Kit for the purpose of an honest review.

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