Casdon Woodplay Barn – Review!

A while back we were sent a Casdon Woodplay Castle Playset which Jimmy has absolutely loved and played with very frequently ever since. I like it because it’s small with everything fitting inside and because it also has a handle it can be carried easily from room to room. In the new house I’m not keen on toys litering the floors of anywhere but their bedrooms but I do allow a few to make it into the living room and because of the compact nature of this one it’s made the living room grade!


Jimmy was absolutely delighted then when we were recently sent the barn for him to review too. It’s exactly the same principle and all the contents, a cow, sheep, horse, chicken, Farmer, Farmer’s Wife, food bale, stable, ladder and fence fit neatly inside with the door that folds down to reveal the yard closing them all away.

Casden Post

Again Jimmy has delighted in this toy and because it’s wooden it’s very aesthetically pleasing too. I really, REALLY like these casdon woodplay toys and they are something which will be passed down I am sure as wooden toys rarely go out of fashion.

Casden Post 2

One negative I would say is that the plastic clasps do tend to work loose so after a while they don’t make a click noise and when the door is open it comes off. It’s a shame but doesn’t really detract from the toy or how it is played with.

We’re big fans!

We were sent the casdon Woodplay Barn for the purpose of an honest review.