It’s #NationalTeaDay – Our Jakks Pacific Tea Party To Celebrate!

If there’s one type of toy sure to put a smile on my little girl’s face then it’s definitely got Disney and Princess in the title! So, when Jakks Pacific asked if we’d like to hold a tea party in order to celebrate #NationalTeaDay I knew that I couldn’t refuse!

National tea day could be any day in this house but as there’s an actual declared date for it then we’d have been churlish not to join in with the fun and when our Disney Princess Toddler dolls arrived with a gorgeosu Sofia The First tea set it just so happened to be sunny enough for the children to take them all outside in the garden, fill the little teapot up with water and play at Princess tea parties all afternoon.

I sat in the garden room looking out at them having fun and it was delightful to see! Both my children love to drink tea (I only ever drink decaff so they have some of mine) and both of them LOVE to play at tea parties pouring cups for their toys.

Sofia The First Post 3

On the guest list for our party was Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel and the super sweet Sofia The First! All in Disney Toddler Doll size. Florence pointed out that Sofia is smaller than the other dolls and told me the reason must be because the others are all adults in their stories whereas Sofia is always a child! Clever thought process I thought!

Sofia The First Post 2

The toddler Princess dolls are just up Florence’s street and she adores Sofia The First! The toddler Sofia has a glitterly dress and sparkling tiara as well as Royal Reflection ™ eyes that shine and shimmer (RRP £24.99 – other dolls pictures RRP £19.99) and she goes wonderfully with her new tea set (£15).
The set is a real bargain I think and has some really pretty features such as pockets for the spoons and a lift up sugar bowl. I love the little cakes that come with it. When play has finished it just folds up with everything inside ready for another tea party and stores very easily.
Sofia The First Post
Even Jimmy was bowled over by the toddler princess collection and though he wasn’t as into brushing their hair (Sofia comes with a brush) as Florence, he definitely didn’t want to be left out! What a lovely afternoon they had celebrating #NationalTeaDay!
We were sent the toys pictured for the purpose of an honest review.