Clangers Magazine – Review!

We’re massove fans of the Clangers and since the CBeebies revival of the well loved show we’ve been watching and enjoying. The children are so fond that they’ve also got a few of the toys which get played with often and I love the little charcters too so I’ve even begun to knit my own (with a pattern from the BBC website). I’ve done all the knitting part but I’m yet to sew it all together. When I do I shall post a picture and let you see. They’re so super cute I just couldn’t resist giving it a go!

And now there’s a new Clangers magazine on the block distributed by Immediate Media who create lots of the magz my children like and with a regular price of £2.85 which is about standard. The very first issue is bumper so has a slightly higher price tag of £2.99 and we’ve been reviewing it for a couple of days and can tell you it’s worth every penny!

Clangers Magazine Post
Having a read!

The magazine is absolutely filled to the brim with things to make and do, from puzzles (helping with early maths) to colouring in and along with a special space sticker section it’s one to spend a lot of time on. There are also going to be regular features such as ‘I spy in space’ (Jimmy loves this part especially as my Mum has a big telescope and we can do some real star gazing) as well as two heart-warming stories. We found there were far more activities than things to read so perhaps is better for a younger child like Jimmy. Florence does love to do all of the activities in her magazines but prefers to have more to read in them too. Jimmy just likes looking at all the pages and then we do everything together.  It’s an intergalactic learning journey where the reader helps the Clangers to solve their latest problem and he thinks, like he does about most things Clanger, that it’s wonderful!

Clangers Magazine Post 4
Stories to read!
Clangers Magazine Post 3
Things to do!

As always, the free toy on the front is a bit of a lure and a whistle with a pull to make the sound dip as you pull it is just up Jimmy’s street as is the Tiny character which he immediately took off to play with his Clanger boat, a toy we have had a while now. The magazine really is very full and I would happily pay the price for it feeling I’d got value for money. Obviously some magazines for children don’t provide this for parents making us feel we’ve been a bit stung so it’s good to note, as with all other Immediate Media releases we’ve read, that this one isn’t a swizz at all! There’s lots of fun learning tools too which are real bonding moments when you do them with your little ones!

I think he likes it!
I think he likes it!

We shall continue to have The Clangers Magazine as this first copy is very impressive indeed and it’s available at all good supermarkets and independent newsagents!

We were sent the magazine in return for an honest review.




The first issue of the new Clangers Magazine is ready for launch and it’s bursting with things to do! You’ll visit the Clangers on their little blue planet and find out how to toot hello in Clanger with your free whistle, make a boat and play scene for your free Tiny Clanger toy, and join Small Clanger for a look through his telescope to see what’s out there. Plus there’s a special space sticker section, two heart-warming stories, Clanger colouring, a Clanger alphabet poster and so much more!