#ThankYouMum With P&G!

Seemed ironic that on Tuesday I asked my Mum to help me out, yet again, and have the children for me while I skipped off to London to attend P&G’s #ThankYouMum event. My Mum is ALWAYS helping me out and despite it being her birthday the day before, meaning she’d have to sleep on the blow up bed in my house on the night of her special day, she agreed to baby sit for me as she always does. I am so incredibly thankful to my Mum always. without her there would be no me and I don’t mean that just in the sense that she made me, that part is obviously true, but without her I’d be lost, absolutely and well and truly.

My Mum is there for me when I need her, gives me the best advice, puts up with my attrocious moods and loves me and my children unconditionally. She supports me in everything I do, finds a light at the end of every tunnel to spin all situations around to a positive and the woman literally knows the answer to everything. EVERYTHING! She’s like a walking encyclopedia PLUS she can knit, sew, change a plug, decorate (which she’s been doing for me LOADS), make and ice amazing cakes and she even rods her own drains. She is super strong and I love her. Very, very much!

My Mum on her birthday eating a cake which I had made and which wasn't a patch on hers of course!
My Mum on her birthday eating a cake which I had made and which wasn’t a patch on hers of course!

It’s stong Mum’s like mine who have inspired the latest P& G campign which is fronted by Jessica Ennis-Hill and her own lovely Mum Alison. We were invited to join them at the Savoy to here all about their special relationship and how Alison raised her Olympic champion daughter over afternoon. It was lovely listening to them speak but it did make me feel a little guilty that I’d left my own amazing Mum at home for the day.

Gold medal winning heptathlete, Jessica Ennis-Hill and her mum, Alison Powell came together with BBC TV sports presenter, Gabby Logan at The Savoy Hotel for the unveiling of Procter & Gamble (P&G)’s latest “Thank You, Mum" campaign ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The “Thank You, Mum” campaign is part of P&G’s worldwide partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is the biggest campaign in the company’s history. P&G, maker of Olay ®, Pampers® and Gillette Venus ® signed a 10-year partnership as a TOP sponsor with the IOC, extending through 2020. As the Proud Sponsor of Mums, P&G helps to bring a unique insight to the celebration of the Olympic Games because behind every amazing athlete is an equally amazing mum, and P&G is proud to champion the role Mums play as the key advocates for many of the athletes’ lives around the world. It’s their Mum’s love, support and their inner strength that has helped their kids to become the world’s best athletes today. “What I like about the P&G “Thank You, Mum” campaign is that it recognises that an athlete’s journey begins with the lessons they learn from their mum so they’re not just supporting an athlete, but also celebrating the mum too,” said Ennis-Hill.
Gold medal winning heptathlete, Jessica Ennis-Hill and her mum, Alison Powell!

Jess talked about how her Mum supported her ambitions growing up and I could relate as luckily my Mum too suported me with mine just as I hope to do with my children. As part of the campign P&G have released a video showing the relationship between four Mothers as they support their children on their way to competing at the Olympic games. There are only 100 days left until the opening ceremony in Rio and the video, entitled ‘Strong’ shows how important Mum’s aree with a big #ThankYouMum celebration. Take a look!

I sat next to Celebrity Mum Of The Year, Giovanna Fletcher, who is a bit of a hero author of mine and had to try very hard not to toally fan girl on her! It was fab being a room with so many amazing Mum’s including the gorgeous Katy from Modern Mummy, Bex from The Mummy Adventure and Sabina from Deep In Mummy Matters, all ladies I am very glad to be pals with. And the afternoon tea was amazing too! What a treat!

Katy and I outside The Savoy - how lucky are we?!
Katy and I outside The Savoy – how lucky are we?!
Amazing afternoon tea to celebrate the #ThankYouMum campaign!
Amazing afternoon tea to celebrate the #ThankYouMum campaign!

P&G do some amazing work and are so supportive of women that it feels fabulous to be able to share with you their latest information about the #ThankYouMum campaign. I wholeheartedly am behind them with the campaign and the infographic below shares somore more details around it!



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