Camp Bestival 2016 – 5 Tips For Everything There!

Last night, as I was removing books from our shelf to make room for the decorator, I found my Camp Bestival photobook from the summer of 2014. It took me back in a nostalgic wave to the moment we discovered family festival life and all the glory that comes with it and made me even more excited that, for the third year running, we are all set to hit Lulworth Castle again this year as oficial 2016 Camp Bestival bloggers! Whoop, whoop!

ONe of my fave pics from 2014!
One of my fave pics from 2014!

Last year I drove to the festival all on my own having only just passed my test, pitched my tent and did the whole weekend solo parenting and guess what?! It was still just as much fun! We had the best time at Camp Bestival and for three whole days the kids went a bit wild running around with friends, the grown ups got to chat, go a bit wild and run around with friends and we laughed and laughed and laughed!

2015 at Camp Bestival!
2015 at Camp Bestival!

The trick to Camp Bestival for me is to not make too much of an agenda, to see where the wind takes you and to embrace all that you find. Sometimes I get caught up with the feeling that I MUST do this or SEE that but actually, we didn’t stick to many of the things we liked the look of from the programme and instead, both years, have just enjoyed the atmosphere. The simple things are what please us most and building dens or rolling down hills in the magical dingly dell was just as important as seeing the head line acts.

The most important thing is that it’s a place for families and a way of extending the things we used to do pre-kids but embracing the children into it. Everyone has a toddler on their shoulders while they pull another child in a wagon as they sip a can of beer strolling through the vibes of the fields! We love seeing the main acts, watching the shows, playing in the field, bouncing on castles, soaking up the dramatics of EVERYTHING and simply just sitting in our camp, laughing and joking with our pals. It’s great!

This year the festival theme is space (I have a fab idea for fancy dress day) and even though we don’t like to stick to a time-table when we’re there, I can’t help but peruse the list of things to do and people to see. The line-up for 2016 looks AWESOME!

If you’re thinking of going to Camp Bestival this year then here’s my top 5 of everything!

Where to camp?

  • Camping Plus guarantees you a spot so you know where you’re going!
  • Pitch Village offers pre-pitched tents!
  • Take your campervan, caravan or trailer tent (a separate ticket is required – see website)
  • Boutique camping offers yurts, pods, bell tents and more for that luxury feel to your weekend.
  • If camping in the main field (as I have always done) I recommend sticking close (but not too close – the smell) to the loo!

What to wear?

  • Layers which can be removed because the weather is not guaranteed.
  • Flowers in your hair (essential).
  • Warm jumpers and sleep suits for the evenings and night times.
  • Wellies and jellies for your feet – there’s a lot of mud!
  • Fancy dress on fancy dress day – don’t forget!

Who to take?

  • Kids (even the babies)!
  • Grandparents.
  • Friends.
  • family.

Packing essentials?

  • Wet wipes are a must!
  • A torch.
  • Loo roll!
  • Food, water, soft drinks and alcohol (in plastic bottles) for your camp and for snacks. Psck light but pack well!
  • A bum bag to wear your money and keep it safe!

My who to see in 2016 – Adults (kids go too of course)!

  • Bananarama! OH MY GOODNESS! Agenda or no agenda I’m SEEING them!
  • Fatboy Slim! Gotta be done!
  • Jasper Carrott, I’m determined to see some comedy this year!
  • Circus Raj – Street circus to watch out for as you mooch!
  • Arrested development!

Who to see in 2016 – Kids!

  • Royal Albert Hall Present Albert’s Band!
  • Aliens Love Underpants – love the theatre at Camp B!
  • Aardman Films present A Grand Day Out, a morning movie on a rainy day is ometimes just the ticket!
  • Bigtopmania – Kid’s Theatre and Circus – this is AWESOME and we’ve done it every year!
  • ATE Trust Presents – Woodland Warriors and Space Agents!

What shouldn’t you miss?

  • Outdoor fun in the dingly dell!
  • Dancing in the fountain to cool down!
  • A walk around the Soul Park!
  • A cocktail in a jam jar from the Jam Jar Bar or something colourful in the Bollywood Tent!
  • The Inflatable Church!

What about the food?

  • We love the W.I tent for inexpensive lunch time sandwiches!
  • The Feast Collective for amazing choices!
  • CHURROS! Has to be done at a festival!
  • Cheap tea and toast as you make your way into the main field!
  • DJ BBQ – Not tried ityet  but it’s on my list!

Top tips!

  • Camp along the outside of the field as is less noisy at night and remember, close but not TOO close to the toilets!
  • Bring your own face paints as the kids love it, you avoid queues and it’s FREE!
  • Pack a wagon or hire one from Mr Trolley’s Trolly Hire Service. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Relax and don’t make too much of an agenda, just go with the flow!
  • Arrive early on the Thursday to get the best spots (it’s a long winding road to Camp B and takes ages to get there once you’re actually there – beware) and then leave late on Monday to avoid the crowds!
Me and my two last year!
Me and my two last year!

So… That’s it for now but watch this Camp Bestival space because as an official Camp B blogger, I will be bringing you all the latest news as and when it comes in!