How to achieve the perfect finish: The ideal paints for crafting

As a crafter, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to perfect the finish on your latest project. Maybe you’ve fallen victim in the past to false advertising, choosing the cheaper option and ending up disappointed because the thing you created definitely couldn’t be deemed Pinterest worthy. So before you start your next project, take a look at this guide on how to achieve the perfect finish and the paints you need to do so: The all round option […]

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Another Year – Finishing Nursery And Year One!

I love the changing of the seasons and living in Great Britain we do actually get to see them in full technicolour each year. As Autumn moves to winter and my black tights and boots make an appearance I enjoy the changes in both the fashion and the feel then mid way through I look forward to some spring light and eventually a leap into summer. But summer, as unpredictable as the sunshine is, is where everything changes. Firstly I have my birthday […]

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Kung Fun Panda Training School At Shrek’s Adventure To Celebrate Kung Fu Pand 3 On DVD!

This weekend was all about a family day out and home entertainment – one thing to wear us out and the other to soothe us with a snuggle, Kung Fu Pands 3 has just been released for home entertainment so we took our leave from that and went with it. We tripped off to our old yard London for the day so that we would be bright and early on the Southbank ready for a whirl around Shrek’s Adventure, you may not […]

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Why do we repeatedly choose Pizza Express for our special celebrations? (And for the not so special but we just fancy a meal out as a family?) Well, because they do it SO well that’s why! They cater for adults of course but they also cater for children in a way which makes them feel grown up and special. Often times restaurants can be a fraught experience with little ones but at good old Pizza Express they never are. We […]

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Laugh With Peppa Pig – New Soft Toy!

Peppa Pig is one of those shows that even as an adult we can find enjoyment in don’t you think? I mean I actually think it’s really funny on occasions and many a time have got sucked into an episode or 12… My fave one has always been the one where they go into Granny and Grandpa Pig’s attic and find Mummy Pig’s old record player – woof tweet! The children have both loved Peppa Pig since they were small, have […]

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Always Discreet – A Documentary Screening!

Hands up who knows what A.I is? No, not that terrible film with Hayley Joel whatsit, what WAS his name? You know, terribly odd behind the eyes and a little bit disturbing… Well, not that anyway… Nope, something a touch more embarrasing I’m afraid. A.I = Adult Incontinence. Now, when you’ve had a baby who produced a pretty horrendous tear then subsequently half the East End of London’s medical profession staring up your ‘you know what’ it’s kind of hard […]

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FFS Katy Perry!

Do you know what? I may not be a terribly laid back person in general (high mantenance is what my husband calls it) but I do think I’m an easy going and lenient parent when it comes to most things… I try to see things from their point of view and remember how I felt when I was little. I also try very hard to just be a bit cool and not embarrass them in front of their friends – I […]

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