Only In England – Time And Tide Museum!

Time and Tide Museum, one of our faves in the Norfolk Museums group, has a brilliant new exhibition that you must go to see! Now I’m not normally one who gets terribly excited by such things… I like going to the museums, I enjoy seeing the exhibitions and we very definitely get a lot out of being members (under £100 for a whole family no matter how many children you have and this means free entry in ALL the museums […]

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Festive Mulled Gin Cocktails And Discounts With 31Dover!

Regular readers of my blog will know by now that 31Dover are my online drinks retailer of choice and now is the time to make use of their very fabulous service which delivers all your favourite tipples to your door the very next day after ordering and gift boxed beautifully if you so wish! They are offering not only a special 10% discount using my unique code ROCK31D at the checkout but also, this week only, have some superb offers […]

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The Benefits of Undercabinet Lighting For a Family Home

The latest lighting trend is undercabinet lighting, as it is highly functional and can add atmosphere to your kitchen or bathroom. Great undercabinet lighting can also add value to a property, as it is a relatively new feature which a lot of homes don’t have yet. To find out more about the benefits of undercabinet lighting in a family home, keep reading! What is Undercabinet Lighting? Undercabinet lighting is, as the name suggests, installed under cabinets. You can also place […]

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WIN Rainbow Designs Classic Pooh Toys!

Wondering what to buy for a new baby at Christmas time? It’s a toughie isn’t it! Clothes are lovely of course but if you’ve just had a baby, like me, then you will have clothes coming out of your ears (don’t get me wrong – this is NOT a bad thing and I LOVE it) and actually, for Christmas, doesn’t a baby need a proper present for him or her too?! This year we are going to have to be […]

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Baby You Are ONE Month Old!

Time really does fly when you’re having fun and since having Raffie we’ve been having a lot of that! I don’t know how it’s happened but he’s one month old today! One month! It’s been tricky with the C-section recovery but wow… What a month! And it’s only the good bits (the c-section will fade) that I will remember that’s for sure! Of course none of us can remember life before him; he’s slotted in, at the heart of our […]

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Cocoonababy – Review!

I don’t recall there being such things as sleep positioners when I had Florence and Jimmy. I could be wrong but if they were available then they certainly passed me right on by. But… fast forward to having Raffie and they seem to be all the rage. I literally knew nothing about any of them aside from what I’d read on my friend Karen of N4Mummy’s blog but they certainly sounded great and now we, just like Karen, are using […]

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Introducing The JoJo Siwa Microphone And The JoJo Siwa Singing Doll!

When I first stared seeing girls walking around with great big bows on their head, I have to admit I turned into my Mum in the 1980s when she absolutely refused to buy me a pair of kitten heels. EVERYONE else had them but I wasn’t allowed and I was furious. She said they were too old for me and that they looks totally silly… I, on the other hand, loved them and hankered after a pair of proper high […]

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Recovering From A C-Section With Theya Healthcare Lingerie!

I’d had perfectly normal, if long, labours with my older two children and not expected this time to be any different yet here I sit, 3 and a half week’s post partum, with a baby on my knee (as I type – yes this is multitasking at its best, you should have seen me earlier when I was feeding one side, pumping the other AND replying to emails on my phone!) and I’m still sore after my silly body didn’t […]

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WIN A Family Ticket To The Santa Spectacular At Willows Farm!

A Christmas highlight for us every year is visiting Willows Farm in St Albans for their Santa Spectacular! It’s an absolute MUST for us and even though we have moved to Norfolk, a good 2 and a bit hours drive away, we still went last year and absolutely plan on doing the same again this year. It’s well worth the journey and absolutely TOO good to miss! Every year we go with our friends from the Mummy Endeavours team and […]

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