Baby You Are ONE Month Old!

Time really does fly when you’re having fun and since having Raffie we’ve been having a lot of that! I don’t know how it’s happened but he’s one month old today! One month! It’s been tricky with the C-section recovery but wow… What a month! And it’s only the good bits (the c-section will fade) that I will remember that’s for sure!

Of course none of us can remember life before him; he’s slotted in, at the heart of our family, perfectly. Florence and Jimmy are obsessed by him and so are we. We are all total and utter smitten kittens of the highest order! The big ones couldn’t make me feel prouder as they cuddle and kiss their new baby brother and they love him and want to be with him so much – he’s a lucky boy. They are the best big brother and sister Raffie could have ever hoped for and they have risen to their new roles beautifully!

Raffie is just wonderful. We are all in agreement. The whole family! All the Grandparents and aunts and uncles, greats and cousins – we’ve all just been waiting for him and here he is.

One month old today!

As for his siblings… Well, there are challenges for sure (it’s not easy at times to adjust) but I meant what I said, they are just brilliant with him and that little baby boy is certainly going to have a cheer leading squad, an army to protect him and back up for life with those two behind him!

All dressed up for Halloween!

Jimmy, who wants to kiss and cuddle Raffie ALL the time and constantly tells me how much he loves him, does struggle on occasions. He has been the baby for so long that I think he finds it a bit tricky to watch someone else taking that position. ‘You love the baby more than me’ he said yesterday and ‘you think the baby is cuter than me’ came shortly after it. Oh my boy Jimmy, if only I could put into words how much I love you and make you understand that as far as that goes nothing has changed! He is doing so well and being so grown up that I can forgive him the moments of naughty he is displaying from time to time – it’s to be expected! And just look at the pride he has for his baby brother in this picture… You can’t bottle that but wouldn’t it be worth a fortune if you could!

Jimmy is the proudest big brother!

Florence, my little beam of light that she is, is just delighted to have Raffie around and as with everything, she is the best help to me. She is such a good girl, she does as she’s told, she works hard at school, she tries so very hard to be the best person she can be and being an older sister is no different! She holds Raffie for me most mornings while I have a shower even though I know she’d rather be doing something on her iPad and she looks at her baby brother with SUCH love! She’s also being super kind to Jimmy – which is hard when he doesn’t always show the same back! She just gets things and understands… Wiseness and kindess which belies her age this one!

What love!

And Raffster… Well, he is beginning to smile at us and really engage which is amazing! The poor thing has had a cold for 2 weeks and for a few days now has had a bit of a virus too… But he’s coming out the other side thank goodness! He’s not one for sleep, just like his sister, and he prefers to be cuddled by me than go in the crib… Oh well… I’ve been there before and I know that it doesn’t last forever – I actually rather like it if I’m honest!

Little Raffster!

I am healing, slowly and painfully but I am getting there and Raffie was worth every second of the horrible labour that brought him. He has made us so happy and feel like we are the luckiest of luckies!

That was the best month ever! The month we became a five with our three is the magic number baby. Happy being one month old today Raffie!

Here’s one from the cutting room floor!

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  1. Oh Raffie you little stunner, I so want to come over and give you a big snuggle I just can’t seem to find a spare day. Please don’t grow too big too soon, I WILL make it over to you xxxx

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