How To Solve A Problem Like Colic – Colief, A Remedy!

I’d forgotten how horrible colic is in tiny babies, how awful it makes them feel and in turn how horrible it makes you feel as a parent watching them. Because really, once they are in the throes of a bout, it doesn’t matter how much jiggling and soothing you offer, the pair of you have to ride it out. Florence suffered terribly and it was heartbreaking listening to her cry. She found some sort of contentment in music and as […]

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The Rockit Rocker – A Portable Baby Rocker – Review!

This is SUCH a simple idea but oh so clever and boy does it work! The Rockit Rocker, a portable baby rocker fits onto the handle of any buggy with its universal strap and basically, at the touch of a button, will rock your baby to sleep! I saw this last week at the launch party for the new Quali Strller by Egg as they had it attached to a few of their buggies and, when I put Raffie in […]

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Is Father Christmas Real Mummy?!

I guess Florence has got to an age now where she is discussing things at school and she obviously comes home with questions derived from those conversations. ‘Is Father Christmas real Mummy?’ was bound to come up at some point and this, while she is just about to turn 8, is the year. My answer? ‘Well of course Flobo, of course he is real…’ I want her to keep the magic so why would I answer in any other way?! […]

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Dearest Raffie – You’re TWO Months Old!

Dearest Raffie, I always say this but seriously, where does the time go?! Literally two seconds ago you were being born and now you are two months old and your first Christmas is about to be upon us! It really only seems seconds since you were in my arms for the first time and now I can’t imagine a time when you weren’t there! This week we went to see the consultant who delivered you to talk to him about the […]

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The New Compact Stroller From Egg – The Quail!

On Monday Raffie and I attended a star studded bash to celebrate the launch of new buggy on the block, The Quail! The Quail is, as the name would suggest, a smaller and more compact version of the Egg Stroller which has had its leather handles pushed by more than a few familiar faces and is rather a glamorous looking number it has to be said! Little sister Quail is just as glam but smaller and Raffie and I totally want to have one […]

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My First Panto – Little Red Riding Hood – The Garage, Norwich – Review!

While Florence enjoyed the birthday party of a friend on Sunday morning, the boys and I, along with a very good pal, went to My First Panto, (Little Red Riding Hood) which is this season’s offering for kids from The Garage in Norwich. I know a little about The Garage, an arts centre, a theatre, performance space, studios… Rather an all encompassing venue for performance and art I feel, but I haven’t had too much to do with them yet. Which […]

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A Car Seat Fit For A Jedi Prince Or Princess – The Maxi-Cosi Star Wars Rodi Review!

We have always had Maxi-Cosi car seats, from birth to Florence’s big girl seat and the mid size seat inbetween. Honestly I have considered buying a cheaper brand but then I always read something about safety standards and just know in my heart that Maxi-Cosi have it all covered… You do get what you pay for and when it comes to something as important as the car seat I feel compromise is just not an option… Now… Jimmy has been […]

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