The True Weight!

The True Weight! In 1985 I was five years old and full of the joys of everything – I was a monkey like Jimmy and just like him I cared not about what I looked like, or for that matter how anyone else looked. I was young, carefree, I ate what I ate and I didn’t think about it any further than it was breakfast or lunch or yummy, I was having a snack. But looking back that might be the […]

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Tribe Norfolk – Family Festival East Side!

Tribe Norfolk – Family Festival East Side! You don’t go through Norfolk on your way to anywhere else. You either come here. Or… You don’t. So I guess you need reasons to visit or you simply won’t make our lovely little county of glorious. And this would mean you’d miss out! There are reasons a plenty though my friend… But if the beaches (Cromer’s my fave) and the picturesque shopping, the close proximity to fast train travel into London, two […]

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Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live On Stage 2019 – Theatre Royal Norwich!

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live On Stage 2019 – Theatre Royal Norwich! The first time I took Florence to see something from television at the theatre her eyes were wide on saucers. She took in this wonder that she’d only seen on the television and couldn’t quite understand how it was all happening in front of her very eyes but she loved every second! It was In The Night Garden Live and over the years she has enjoyed many […]

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Wanna Be A Blogger?

Wanna Be A Blogger? Why wouldn’t you? I can tell you now it’s one of the best things I have ever done and I highly recommend it but you will have to ask yourself if you really have got what it takes as it’s not easy… So you want to be a blogger but don’t know where or how to start? Well, I might just be able to give you a few tips as I’ve been writing my successful professional blog […]

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Stay-cay In A Norfolk Cottage!

Stay-cay In A Norfolk Cottage! If I’m asked why I left the bright lights of London to come home and roost where I grew up in Norwich, my answer is pretty straightforward… Norfolk is the place Londoners go on holiday choosing little stay-cations in a county of calm to take them away from their city life stresses. To live in that place is like being on holiday all the time. I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s the drudge of everyday life of course but […]

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