Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live On Stage 2019 – Theatre Royal Norwich!

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live On Stage 2019 – Theatre Royal Norwich!

The first time I took Florence to see something from television at the theatre her eyes were wide on saucers. She took in this wonder that she’d only seen on the television and couldn’t quite understand how it was all happening in front of her very eyes but she loved every second! It was In The Night Garden Live and over the years she has enjoyed many shows of similar ilk. There were the years when we never missed Peppa Pig Live or Dora The Explorer on stage and of course we saw all of her favourite books when they came to life on stage too such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea and all of the Julia Donaldson books transformed for a live performance.

And when Jimmy came along he too loved all of our theatre trips. we would attend everything and anything that we could from small productions at places like The Polka Theatre in Wimbledon to big live shows of their faves from television and one they both loved was Ben and Holly! They adored the show on T.V (I think Jimmy still does truth be told) and it’s one of the ones I always felt not too bad about watching myself – some of them can make you lose the will (I’m looking at you Baby T.V) but Ben and Holly always had an edge of humour which I found I could laugh along with then to. And Jimmy, for a while, seemed to learn everything he knew from watching the show! ‘How do you know that Jim-Bob?’ we’d say when he came out with an obscure fact and he’d always respond with ‘From Ben and Holly’! Of course the live show was much more exciting and both the big kids STILL remember going even though as far as they’re concerned it was a VERY long time ago. For me, it feels like yesterday!

They were both massive fans of Ben and Holly the big two – they had all the toys and LOVED the live show as much as the one on T.V!

Now that Raffie is starting to get into all these same shows that they used to love, Florence and Jimmy are taking a bit of a trip down memory lane with him as they allow him to watch ‘his T.V’ under the guise of being kind big siblings but actually… They rather enjoy it too I think! They were certainly miffed that the baby and I were off to the theatre this afternoon without them and would have more than happily come along for the ride if they could have!

For Raffie and I though it was a chance to spend some time doing something special together just us and he got very excited as soon as we arrived at the theatre and he saw the characters that he may have only recently been introduced to but that he already loves as much as his big brother and sister did!

And we had a brilliant time he and I as we spent an hour hidden amongst the thorny brambles with Ben Elf and Holly the fairy!

The show is as magical as I remembered it to be with Ben and Holly, their friend Gaston the Ladybird, Nanny Plum, the Wise Old Elf and King Thistle (who they all plan a birthday party for) – their othern live adventures include tidying up Gaston’s cave (he was not pleased – WOOF!) and stepping into the Big World outside their little Kingdom to assist Nanny Plum on important tooth fair duty!

The music is wonderful and recognisable as well as being immersive in asking the littles to join in! Actors inside costumes play out the story and turn with a touch of a balletic feelt the choreography which brought the cartoon characters into real world friends on the stage!

Raffie’s eyes so reminded me of his big sister’s as he enjoyed this theatre experience with me this afternoon and what a treat it was for us to have that special time (thanks to my mum for picking the big two up from school) where Raffie had some choc choc (not stolen but legitimately given – he’s recently worked out how to open the yummy cupboard) and spent the entire performance mesmerised as he sat happily in his seat – at 19 months this is a bit of a feat in itself! He was a teeny bit scared of the giant frog though it has to be said!

Raffie looks like a little bit of a hoodlum here – he loved Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live for 2019!

Have a little peek at what to expect here:

Going to the theatre is such a treat and I think an important experience for all ages, no matter how young. The tour of Ben and Holly Live for 2019 is perfect (half an hour each side of a 20 minute interval) and it’s in Norwich at the theatre Royal tomorrow before heading back off on its UK tour. Please see Ben and Holly Live for tour information going forwards and if you’re local to Norwich like me then do snap up a ticket for either the 10am or 1pm performances on Saturday the 8th of June 2019 where family tickets cost £60. To book tickets call the Norwich Theatre Royal Box Office on 01603 630000.

We were invited to see the show as guests of the theatre.