Halloween Half Term 2019!

Halloween Half Term 2019! Another lovely holiday away from school has been had and it’s back to earth with a bump for us now as poor little Raffie is the first down in what I can only assume will be a domino run of vommageddon… Still, at least it didn’t happen in half term! We had the most brilliant time, the first in which we’ve had Jonny home, although he did have to study for a lot of it and […]

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Pensthorpe Natural Park – October 2019!

Pensthorpe Natural Park – October 2019! We love Pensthorpe Natural Park all year round but October and the Trick or Tweat Spooktacular (running until the 3rd of November 2019) they put on every year is always my most favourite time to be there. I think it might be because the first time we ever went was over the Halloween Half Term and that was such a special visit, discovering this wonderful place for the first time (it must have been […]

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Sandringham Knee High Boots From Hotter Shoes!

Sandringham Knee High Boots From Hotter Shoes! With any shop on the high street we won’t and can’t like everything for sale because we, as people, are all different. We like different things, we wear different things and we buy different things to each other. If we were all wearing the same things then it would all be a bit boring huh! But a shop selling clobber of course knows this and would mostly want to appeal to as many […]

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A Shaun The Sheep Themed Birthday Party!

A Shaun The Sheep Themed Birthday Party! My baby boy has been obsessed with Shaun the Sheep, which thankfully is ALL on Netflix including the first film, for about a year now. He point blank refuses to watch anything else and woe betide anyone who wants to have the TV on and it not be Shaun for the obvious displeasure will ruin your viewing until you change your mind and opt sheep. Thankfully it’s pretty good for the whole family, […]

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WIN The Little Prince Tickets At Norwich Theatre Royal!

WIN The Little Prince Tickets At Norwich Theatre Royal! Would you like to WIN a family ticket (x4 – made up of two adults and two children) for The Little Prince on October the 22nd at 3pm for Norwich Theatre Royal? Well look no further… The Little Prince, a dance adaption of the world famous story which is one of the most translated books in the world, comes to Norwich Theatre Royal for half term and with the Protein Dance Company behind […]

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Marsdens Devon Cottages!

Marsdens Devon Cottages! Florence has surfed all summer long and been in the sea as much as she’s been out of it. But to be a surfer in Britain you have to have a hardiness in your passion because obviously, though we’ve had some glorious days, they never last long and if you want to do it all year round then you need to grow some scales (and invest in a really super duper wet suit). Now here where we […]

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Dearest Raffie – You Are Two Years Old!

Dearest Raffie – You Are Two Years Old! Dearest Raffie, You are Two years old today! As I lie in bed writing this at quarter to six in the morning I am listening to you sniffly breathe next to me – you never sleep in your own bed but that’s ok because itvs the loveliest sound in the world and I love you being close! You are still a baby really – with your tiny self and lack of hair […]

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Weight Loss = GOOD! Hair Loss = bad!

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting! I’d heard while pregnant the hair that would ordinarily fall out naturally stops doing do and waits until your baby has been born before shedding. It certainly seemed to be the case for me as my usual thin and shoulder length hair became thicker and longer while I was cooking my children and it looked positively luscious; I absolutely loved it! I’m left post birth with hair that is longer than it’s been […]

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