Cajun Prawn Courgetti Under 500 Calories!

Cajun Prawn Courgetti Under 500 Calories! This was inspired by a dish in our @simplycookcom box which I have recently tried for £3 and liked very much but am not sure I’d want to part with £9 for. You get some great ideas if you struggle choosing what to make ending up with the same dishes over and over and the herbs and spices they deliver to go with the fresh ingredients and store cupboard fodder you already have are […]

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Aqua Wipes!

Aqua Wipes! I’m not going to spin you a line and try to make you believe that Raffie, a third baby, had all his brand new baby grows washed in Fairy non bio before he was even born because let’s be realistic, the babies who get that are first borns and That. Is. Where. It. Stops! There’s lots of things I did with my first baby, things which seemed mega important at the time like making sure she didn’t even […]

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Easy Empanadas!

Easy Empanadas! It seems to be rather conflicting about the origin of Empanadas when you Google them but they are definitely eaten in Spain, Portugal and Mexico to name just a few places. I first had them in a cafe in Leytonstone and I adored the sweetness to both the crumbly pastry (I’m not usually a pastry fan) and the filling despite the dish very definitely being savoury. They are little filled pastry pockets to eat as a light or […]

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Don’t Move Home! Make The Most Of The Home You Have!

Don’t Move Home! Make The most Of The Home You Have! When it comes to your home, it’s pretty common to feel as though the place has started to become a little bit stale. After all, you spend the vast majority of your time at home, more than ever right now, so it’s only natural that the novelty of the place might wear off. The first instinct of a lot of people is to pack up and move somewhere new. […]

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Lockdown Diary Week Five!

Lockdown Diary Week Five! Well… It would have been back to school after the Easter holidays so of course this meant back to the home school of dreams (read nightmares) for us! Florence is fine to get on with work but needs help when she gets stuck and frankly I have literally NO idea how to do a lot of the things she is being taught so that’s not exactly the easiest for me and Jonny HAS to take over […]

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Top 10 Hobbies for Women After a Divorce

Top 10 Hobbies for Women After a Divorce Getting a divorce can incite a lot of new and strange emotions. So, for a list of 10 hobbies for women to get stuck into, to help you cope, read on… So, you’ve just gone through a divorce? Right now, I’m sure you’ll be feeling and myriad of the emotions, and these feelings might be pretty new to you. Whether you’re at the start of it all, mid-divorce and having to deal […]

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The Grass Is Always Greener!

The Grass Is Always Greener! Having a loft conversion means I have a vista advantage over my neighbours in that I can see everybody else’s gardens and yet they can’t see mine! This is a good job for more reasons than one as in comparison my garden definitely seems to lack their sparkle. I look at my neighbour’s lawns and next to my own they look far more lush, more plentiful in grass and frankly, though it’s a bit of […]

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Veggie Chilli And Nachos Under 500 Calories!

Veggie Chilli And Nachos Under 500 Calories! After some treats this weekend it’s time for me to get back on my 500 calories a day (during the week) diet which is working for me & after 2 weeks I’m 6lb down! That’s not to say I don’t have tasty food, not when it comes to this #Recipe at any rate! #Veggie chilli & nachos is delish, easy to make, super filling & even my kids don’t say a word about […]

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Lockdown Diary Week Four!

Lockdown Diary Week Four! After the Easter weekend it felt a little flat, the sun went away for a few days and the beginning of the week had a very definite feel of back to normal about it. Only it’s back to the new normal which is pretty similar to the fun times in that we are all at home but it’s somehow settling to know we have reached a time when we are able to consider some of the […]

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Turkish/Indian Fusion Chicken Kebabs under 500 Calories!

Turkish/Indian Fusion Chicken Kebabs under 500 Calories! The other day I made Jamie Oliver’s naan bread for a curry & it was so delish I had to make it again – Google his recipe, it’s AWESOME! For an under 500 calorie meal I served it with chicken kebabs which I’ve given a Turkish/Indian fusion, raita (different to the one I made for falafels the other day) & a prepared Indian salad as well as some leaves. Very filling & very […]

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