Top 10 Hobbies for Women After a Divorce

Top 10 Hobbies for Women After a Divorce

Getting a divorce can incite a lot of new and strange emotions. So, for a list of 10 hobbies for women to get stuck into, to help you cope, read on…

So, you’ve just gone through a divorce? Right now, I’m sure you’ll be feeling and myriad of the emotions, and these feelings might be pretty new to you.

Whether you’re at the start of it all, mid-divorce and having to deal with visits to a collaborative family lawyer, or you’re reaching the end, you’re likely to feel strange. You may feel sad about what you’ve lost, angry at your ex, or anxious at what the future may hold. On the other hand, you may be jumping for joy!

Whatever your emotions, right now is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. This will help you to cope a bit better, let off some steam, use up your spare time, and maybe even meet new people. So, if you want to do just that, check out these 10 hobbies for women to take up after a divorce…

1.   Try a New Sport

First and foremost, let’s start with something pretty broad; trying a new sport. Whether you’re into sport already, or don’t really do any exercise at all right now, now is the time to try something new. This could be anything, from rock-climbing to archery, from hiking to cheerleading, from ice-skating to football.

Exercise is not only a great way to stay fit, but it’s also a really effective way to boost your energy, and mental health. After a divorce, especially if it’s a messy one, you might feel pretty down, or like there’s no way out of this rut. Well, in that you’d be completely wrong.

By taking on a new sport, you’re not only releasing those endorphins to make you feel happier, you also have the opportunity to meet so many new people. Who knows, these new faces might just be the ones to turn your life around.

2.   Give Dancing a Go

One of the more sophisticated hobbies out there has got to be dancing. There are so many different types of dance classes you can attend, from solo classes, like Ballet and tap, or partner dancing, like salsa and ballroom.

If you’re feeling extra brave, and want to get toned and fit, you could even try pole dancing. This is become a really popular dance type, especially amongst university students. Why not give it a go, especially whilst you’re going through this major life change?

If you’re ready to meet new people, including new potential dates, dancing is such a great way to do this. Whether you meet people in your dance class, or utilise your newfound fitness to meet someone you fancy, this new hobby may open so many new doors for you.

3.   Learn Something New

One of the greatest hobbies for women at home is just enrich your mind with something new. Maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to tick off your bucket list, like learn a new language. Or, perhaps you’ve always wanted try your hand at something arty, like photography or calligraphy.

There are hundreds of potential choices out there. We’ve given you a few ideas already, but if you’re stuck, here’s a longer list of ideas for you to choose from:

  • Home brewing beers, wine, or spirits;
  • Start a bullet journal;
  • Yoga or Pilates;
  • Meditation;
  • Or, get our your old schoolbooks, and relearn some maths.

4.   Get Crafty

Arts and crafts were something we all loved to do when we were younger, so why would this be any different now? Every one of us has a creative side, so let’s embrace that through trying out some DIY.

Some brilliant ideas for this include embroidery, knitting, jewellery making, scrapbooking, or even trying your hand at making your own clothes! We’re so lucky, these days, to have YouTube tutorials and informative blog posts teaching us any and every skill you can think of. So, even if you have absolutely no clue, you can get schooled through browsing the Internet.

5.   Renovate Your Home

A really refreshing way to get over your divorce is to get a change of scenery. But, it’s not always as easy as that, and you may not have the liberty of just upping and moving house. So, why not have a go at renovating your home?

You don’t have to do your entire house, as this would be an absolutely mammoth task. That said, choose a room you think you need to change, be it your bedroom, your living room, or your kitchen, and give it a much needed makeover. Not only will this help you to embrace your creative side, it’ll give you the chance to refresh your scenery, so you can create new memories in a home that might just remind you of your ex.

6.   Get in the Garden

In a similar way to giving your home a makeover, you can also do the same to your garden. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to grow vegetables or flowers, and never got around to doing it? Well, there’s no better time than now.

If you’re looking for hobbies for mid 20s women, gardening might not necessarily be your cup of tea during this stage of your life. Especially if you’re renting, or your garden space isn’t very big, this is perhaps one of the best hobbies for women over 50. That said, if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, and you have the space, why not give it a try?

7.   Start a Side Hustle

One of the hobbies of successful woman is creating a side hustle. So, not only are you using your spare time away from your ex to do something you love, you’re making money from it too!

Say you’ve taken up one of the hobbies above; maybe you’ve started to embroider shirts with fun designs. Well, now, you could put these new-found skills to good use, and sell your gorgeous creations. You can use sites like Etsy for this, where 86 percent of the sellers are actually women.

Alternatively, maybe you’ve always had a skill or a hobby, like writing a blog, that you could start to make money from. Whether you set up your own business, or just focus more time on what you were doing before, the choice is yours.

8.   Go Volunteering

A really selfless way to channel your emotions and feelings could be through volunteering. For example, many men and women end up homeless after going through a divorce, so you could help out a fellow divorcee by volunteering for a soup kitchen.

Or, perhaps you’ve always wanted to help out at an animal shelter, or give a helping hand to anyone and everyone, by handing out leaflets for any nearby organisation. Whatever you choose, it’s really up to you; this could really work wonders for your mental health.

9.   Travel

When you’re in a relationship, you often put a lot of your aspirations on hold. Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel the world, but when you met your partner, you remained in the country. This is certainly a sacrifice that many people make for their loved ones.

Well, right now, you have the chance of a lifetime to start afresh, and do everything you always wanted to do. If travel is on your list, what better time to do it than now? Whether you decide to take a relaxing holiday, or you quit your job and go inter-railing, the world is your oyster.

10. Rediscover a Long-Lost Passion

Last, but certainly not least, is rediscovering a lost passion. As kids, we all had something we loved to do but, with time, life got in the way. Whatever your distraction, be it education, career, or family, we’ve all been there.

Whether you’re now involved in split parenting or, if you don’t have children, have a lot more me time, this newfound time is ideal. Maybe you always wanted to write a book, or perhaps you’re really into painting, and this love was taken over by your life goals. Let’s rekindle these passions and find ourselves again.

Feeling Inspired by These Hobbies for Women?

So, those are my 10 hobby ideas for women going through a divorce. We all make sacrifices for our other half, and now is the perfect opportunity to reclaim your identity as an individual. So, starting with these hobby ideas, let’s see what sorts of changes you can make to your life! Have you just come through a divorce? Maybe you started a new hobby along the way? If you tried out any of the 10 hobbies for women above, or something totally different, let us know in the comments below. Let’s help one another to feel like ourselves again.