22 Weeks Pregnant!

22 Weeks Pregnant!

22 weeks and I so wanted to enjoy this pregnancy but I’m not really. People need to remind me how tough being pregnant is next time I talk about having another baby (jokes, four is enough right?)!

It’s hard work and feels like there’s a long way to go with the sickness, the constipation and general tiredness but 18 weeks will hopefully fly by with Raffie’s birthday next week (HOW is he THREE?!) and Christmas. Once we come out the other side of that it will be the home stretch.

It’s a funny old time isn’t it with the lockdown measures and differences in social distancing but I’m not finding the care any less. People are looking after me at the hospital and my surgery and I feel looked after. I’m taking part in a study called the Pearl Study which is going to look at asthma and eczema in children and excitingly I get sent a table top freezer that I can keep. I mean I’ve no idea what I shall do with such a gem afterwards but exciting all the same!

Everything was A-OK at the 20 week scan which was taken last week a little late and we got some lush pictures which look rather like a baby and if I’m honest rather like my other babies too – I know no one else will see that though!

Hello baby!

We are thinking about names and I’m leaning towards girl ones as always (boy names are so hard)! On the list at the moment are Posy and Primrose and for a boy Rudy, Valentine or maybe River… It’s the middle insect name that’s going to be the hardest – we already have a Ladybird, Bumblebee and Cricket, what can we choose next?!

Looking perkier than I feel – it will all be worth it!

I’m not very good at going out and leaving my babies it has to be said but I’ve booked tickets to see Kathryn Ryan perform in Norwich 3 weeks after the baby is due. It might be a night of laughter through tears but right now I’m so looking forward to feeling normal and being able to go out out – even if it is only until 10pm!

I’m also really looking forward to the happiness this baby will bring – once he or she is born we will all be so over the moon and maybe this part of growing a human will be a distant memory!

I’m going to try and enjoy it a bit more – I will… After all, this is the last time I’ll do this (probably)!