29 Weeks Pregnant – The Third Trimester!

29 Weeks Pregnant – The Third Trimester!

The third trimester began at 28 weeks I think, is that right? Yes, I’m pretty sure. It’s hard to keep track with a 4th baby but I know I’d have known hour by hour how pregnant I was with Florence. I always say you need to get to 30 weeks to feel on the home stretch and I’m not quite that yet for a few more days so still feeling like I’m in the long haul. Still not feeling great and with more discomfort as the bump gets bigger I am very definitely being a pregnant moaner. I wasn’t in the beginning at all but I am now and I need to shake it. I know come the end of January/beginning of February when this little baby of ours, the one who actually WILL complete our family (Jonny has made mention of a 5th but I’m shaking my head even just typing it), arrives it will all have felt totally worth it. AND I’ll be able to have a glass of fizz which is, you know, a really nice thought too!

Bumping along!

I’ve not put on much weight at all which is good although I realise there’s time. I know that’s not important to some people but to me it is. I want to be fit and trim soon after the baby is born as I’m tired of feeling a bit frumpy. Before I had children I was super slim and trim and I looked ace. I love being a Mum but for the last 11 years I haven’t felt that great about how I look and having had the silver lining of not putting on weight because I haven’t felt great then I want to capitalise on that. I’d lost weight before I got pregnant and then lost more weight until I got to about 25 weeks when I started to put on a little bit again. I am currently 10 stone 4 which is what I was when I found out I was pregnant having gained a few pounds in the early weeks with sweet cravings. Losing weight a bit later on has compensated in my head a little bit for all the feeling grim and it doesn’t feel too bad to be 10 stone 4. I have a weight I don’t want to go over and another weight I want to get down to soon after but I am being sensible about it so no one needs to worry!

I don’t feel grand in any other way right now other than I know I look well and that’s kind of keeping me going along with feeling the baby move and sweet moments like Raffie unexpectedly giving the bump a kiss in bed the other night. He just leaned over, smooched my tummy and said “I kiss the baby”! I love how the whole family is excited for his or her (Florence hopes her) arrival!

I am looking good, I can even see it myself and I never say that trust me, even if I don’t feel it!

I wouldn’t say the care I am getting is any good and cancelled hospital appointments because of COVID measures (even though in the weeks they were cancelled our Norfolk numbers were low and the hospital was not over run) coupled with Raffie now being in isolation due to coming into contact with a positive case at nursery meaning I didn’t get my standard 28 week check result in me not having been seen (in my supposed high risk pregnancy) for 12 weeks… The community midwife I spoke to (eventually) was about as useful as a chocolate teapot and was very surprised Jonny couldn’t just drop everything and come home so that I’d be free to have an appointment. Her words: “I didn’t realise teaching was like that?” – wonder what she’d think if her child’s teacher upped sticks one afternoon after taking a personal call mid lesson and said “I’m going home now, teach yourself kids”! What an utter douche bag!

So… Nearly on the home stretch and soon we will be out the other side. I can’t believe we are nearly in December when I’ll be able to say “I might be having a baby next month” – I’m not due until Feb the 5th but am rather hoping this little bean makes an appearance on the 31st of January. Jonny and Jimmy are both 2nds, Raffie and I are 9ths and Florence is a 31st so that would be the perfect synchronicity I feel – here’s hoping not before (even though a LITTLE bit before might be a bit relief) and not after. 31st is my aim so I’d better get eating pineapple and doing the do somewhere around the 29th don’t you think?!