4 Secrets That Everyone Must Know To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

4 Secrets That Everyone Must Know To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

No matter how many times people have made coffee in their lives, whether they use private label single coffee pods, instant, or fresh beans, most of them get it wrong. Here are 4 secrets that everyone must know to in order to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Buy fresh beans

Hands-down coffee is best when used within a few days of being roasted. This is why buying from a local roaster is the best way to ensure you’re getting the absolute freshest beans. You should reconsider buying coffee in bulk from supermarket display bins. The reason why is that oxygen and bright light can cause coffee beans to oxidize, making them lose the flavor, so unless the store is extremely conscious about selling fresh coffee your best bet might be to go to your local coffee roasting shop. In addition to this, storage tubes are often coated with oils, which can also impede the taste. Coffee beans should be purchased in sturdy and vacuum-sealed bags.

Use filtered water

Another secret to making the perfect cup of coffee is – however simple it sounds – very less known and not a lot of people implement it into their coffee-making routine. As we’re well aware, tap water isn’t of the utmost quality and this can also heavily depend on where you live at. Water is often filled with minerals, some of which don’t impact the taste of the coffee, but most of which don’t make it taste all that great. These “bad” minerals can be simply filtered out with the use of water filters or other filtering systems that are quite easy to implement into your kitchen.

Use a scale

Another step that also gets omitted is that people don’t use a scale to measure the amount of coffee they put in, but instead they eyeball the number of coffee grinds, water, sugar, and even milk. This can make for a lousy taste, and you won’t be able to recreate your perfect cup if you even manage to get it right once. As evident on the Ideal Grind website, there’s a lot of resources online that give insight into what it takes to brew a perfect cup of coffee, depending on the type of coffee you prefer. In addition to this, they note how important it is to use recommended measures to get the most out of your roast, and not muffle the taste with plenty of milk, sugar, or an incorrect amount of water.

Warm the cup before serving

If you’re ever seen an Italian person flinch when someone hands them a cold cup of coffee – we’re here to explain why they are completely right. Serving coffee, especially espresso-based coffee in a cold cup will make it (obviously) go cold much faster which will make it taste worse. Coffee should be served at the right temperature, and the cup should be warmed beforehand so it could do the best job of insulating it so it stays warmer longer. If you have an espresso machine, you can put the cups on top to keep them warm, if not simply run them under hot tap water to warm them up.

Remember these four secrets next time you’re making coffee. If you need more resources or are willing to learn even more, simply look up websites that have the best information about this.

By Allen Brown.