Skip-Hop Zoo Snack Cup!

Skip-Hop Zoo Snack Cup!

Raffie was sent this gorgeous snack cup as part of the Skip-Hop Zoo range. He absolutely loves it and the best bit is he doesn’t spill – lift the fun lid and inside is a special inside opening that you can poke a chubby toddler hand in to fetch the contents but it does a darn good job of not letting chocolate raisins (as is Raffie’s wont) escape on their own!

Looks pretty awesome too doesn’t it?! Really inviting and a very satisfying shape with a lovely easy to grip handle that’s easy to hold and which has a hole so that it can be tied to a buggy – genius!

A bit super spaced aged almost with a friendly character on the top. Raffie has the fox but there’s a few characters to choose from. With a screw on lid that’s easy to clean it also has a snap on lid to keep snacks fresh!

The main body of the cup is see through so you can see when it needs refilling and it also is dishwasher safe (top shelf only) as well as having coordinating products from the Skip-Hop Zoo range which can be bought on line or in John Lewis amongst other places.

Great little product which does what it promises while looking fun for the kiddos and pleasing for the parents too! Winner, winner, snacks for dinner!

P.S, Raffie’s outfit is from Frankie and Hunter who you can find on Facebook and who I was introduced to by Sabina from Mummy Matters when she bought a set for Posie to say welcome to the world – Posie’s is a bit big for the moment but Raffie’s, which I just had to have for him once I’d seen the print of his fave submarines, fits now and will fit him for a while yet – perfect! For both the hoodie and romper dungarees it cost £38 including postage, now that’s an absolute bargain!

In collaboration with Skip-Hop.