Co-Ord With Femme Luxe!

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Co-Ord With Femme Luxe!

As lockdown fashion continue we take our looks from inside to out and as a result are seeing more and more loungewear and co-ords becoming “out out” attire after being “in in” necessities. Last week I wrote about how you can successfully take your comfies on a slow transition from bed time to party just by adding a few accessories but how about we take the sport out of loungewear and simply make it clothing fit for a party in its own right?! In step Femme-Luxe and their slightly enhanced hybrid of loungewear gifting the wear-ability of a tracksuit (hello elasticated waistband) but with also a very definite high fashion edge!

Check me out in my latest Femme Luxe set – I even opted for a bit of a crop to the top this time with a black off the shoulder number – the Blake set is gorgeous but very comfy and if this is what 13 weeks post partum is then I’m having it with its incredibly flattering cut and fit. Don’t know where I think I’m going but soon the world will open and I’m outfit ready!

Who says crop tops aren’t for women in their 40’s!
13 weeks post partum and I’m quite pleased with this look actually!

Let’s call a spade a spade though and note that even with a world open this Mamma is going to be at home more than she’s out on the tiles so “at home” loungewear is still very much in with ME! Grey Loungewear is very popular right now and with all ages – this set ties in rather beautifully with the a la mode home decor (when at home and all that), in Florence’s room so she got a set too. This one has a great rib too which adds to the aesthetic and texture. No, it’s very definitely not time to let go of the lounge just yet thank you very much, why would you when it’s as good as this? I say progress to the Co-Ord Sets AS WELL as, not instead of!

Florence and I are wearing our Grey Marl Ribbed Oversized Round Neck Jumper with Side Pockets and Skinny Joggers, the Kori set.

You never know, we may just progress to dresses next – Florence rather optimistically suggested I get a Bodycon Midi Dress for summer (I’d just like the body) and she has her eye on a Milkmaid top or two as well (while I just AM a milkmaid) always a little miss fashionista – she says this is THE style for the upcoming season – I mean she watches a lot of YouTube while I watch re-runs of sit coms so she probably is far more in the know than me!

Soon our styles will collide again and this silver lining of the riding high in loungewear may come to a halt, for me at least when I have to re-enter real life meetings and the like but for now I’m loving wearing what she’s wearing and getting away with it! Why not?! Pyjama feels to catwalk looks, what could be better than that?!

This post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe.

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