Femme Luxe Loungewear!

Femme Luxe Loungewear!

With lockdown easing there’s one element of the hermit life I’ll be clinging onto regardless and that’s my addiction to Loungewear. Spending much of lockdown pregnant it became my staple uniform to the “at home” lifestyle and now, with a new baby, I’m simply not prepared to give up the comfort. That doesn’t mean it’s dowdy and non stylish, not in the slightest! Choose well and it’s simply a way to look great on the school run but feel like you could slip into bed at any given moment and believe me, as soon as the baby gives me the nod, that’s exactly what I do!

Femme Luxe have more than got us covered when it comes to the stylish stakes and with super lush materials to match their designs both Florence and I have been taking advantage of their offerings! I’ve got quite the collection of Loungewear now (haven’t we all?!) but these new items to my wardrobe are top of my list. Having previously opted for grey Loungewear this time I went for Femme Luxe Maria Navy Loungewear Tracksuit Set for both Florence and myself as well as a black Loungewear sets (different for each of us) for her and I. Well, why not huh?!

Twinning is winning!

I chose for myself the flattering style of the Asia Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set which comes in sizes small to large (8-14) and I love it. The belt is very forgiving for days when I’m feeling bloated giving the waist an extra little emphasis to make me feel god about how I look and the longer top sits nicely over the mum tum/bum combo.

So soft and comfortable yet my husband said “You look amazing” when I wore it to the kitchen – Not out yet but it’s in the offing!
The transition of home to out with shoes being the core ingredient!

Florence, a little more fashion hungry has been looking at cropped Coord Sets for ages so for her I ordered the cream oversized long sleeve cropped hoodie high waist skinny joggers loungewear Set (sizes 4 – 14) which she absolutely adores!

She’s so chuffed with this – oversized is key for her right now she says!
Just as easy to relax at home as it is to be put having fun with friends!

It’s lovely to be able to choose clothes for us both from one website even though we clearly have very different ideas about what we like to wear. Even lovelier still that we can order matching Loungewear, style it up differently (to suit us individually) and wear it together. Of course Loungewear is now not ONLY to be enjoyed in the house, being allowed out feeling like a novelty you could even team the comfort levels of your sets with heels and sparkles to take the age old day-to-night and turn it into home-to-out! New levels people, it’s new levels!

Femme Luxe delivered our order with super speed making the shopping experience like any other trusted shopping site we regularly use. Some sites do give a bit of a question mark over their reliability so I tend to only shop at places I know will deliver what they promise, on time and offer decent delivery options. With Femme Luxe you can claim free delivery when you spend over £25 and they always have super offers advertised along the top of their page.

Delivery aside it’s the quality of the garments that you really want to make sure is top notch and our Loungewear has arrived exactly as described and shown in the pictures on their site. I’m more than happy to own another couple of sets to both Potter and dress up for an occasion and I think I can safely say the same for Florence who has been busy perusing their website ever since for fashion inspo and a way to spend her pocket money (which, it has to be said, Femme Luxe sale prices accommodate to rather well)!

Be it Loungewear and Coords or something fancier like a Milkmaid Top or a Bodycon Midi Dress then Femme Luxe has you covered.

Top Tips for taking your Loungewear from Home-To-Out and making it the newer, improved Day-To-Night outfit of choice!

Swap trainers for a heeled wedge or sandle to enjoy summer evenings in the garden without feeling that British nip in the evening air!

Add a bit of sparkle to your jewellery to clearly make the statement you intend to be out out after being in in all year!

An edge of sheen to make up very definitely statements your intent to go glam and your Loungewear is coming with you!

Swap the Mum bag for a clutch smaller than a packet of wet wipes (oh can you imagine) and pack only your lipstick and credit card for a night on the dance floor as nature intended – in, for all intents and purposes, a tracksuit!

Adding an embellishment to your loungewear like a different belt or even sewing on a sequinned patch can make all the difference and produce all the glam!

How will you be styling up your Loungewear now that we have been released into the wild?!

This post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe.

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