Dearest Posie – You Are Three Months old!

Dearest Posie – You Are Three Months old!

Dearest Posie,

I always think you get to 12 weeks, 3 months in with a baby and you look behind you to realise the hardest bit is done. Not that it was ever really hard with you as from the moment you arrived you just slotted in and though you’re not a sleepy baby or one who likes anything other than being held, you are happy and easy going as long as you’re on me and I don’t mind that at all. So, colic evenings hopefully behind us and 12 weeks or 3 months in with the 4th trimester done has shifted us all into a pattern we are familiar with and find easy now. I mean there is more washing than we can cope with (Gram does most of it for us) and we don’t get much done other than look at you but boy do we adore it and not mind in the slightest. I just can’t believe the time has been going so fast because to me you are very much still a brand new new born! It also feels unfathomable to think you were literally only just being created this time last year – We love you so much Posie!

You giggle, and smile and watch us all the time. You are desperate to sit up and are trying so hard to roll from your back to your front and front to back you’re already on it! You love baby massage classes and Gymboree mesmerises you, you adore Jimmy’s face as he looks at you for hours. You do sleep for 4 hour stretches (sometimes longer) at night time, love to be with me and to feed and gaze up at me and you cannot stand being in the car or the buggy. I carry you in a sling most of all the time because that is easier and you are where you love to be, on my chest (usually feeding) even when out and about.

Three months old is so tiny and you still are so small, still super tiny in fact and have a long way to go in the 0-3 month clothes yet! But you also are very bright and active and almost feel like a much older baby than you are. You are exactly like your sister, it’s almost like going back in time and when I see her hold you it feels very strange. Raffie adores you too of course and you love him though I suspect you could probably do with a little less zealous hugging. However, you take it all in your stride. Chilled but totally focussed that’s who you are!

Easter Sunday!
Easter egg hunting!
Easter ears!
Daddy bought you this elephant for Easter!
Getting bigger!
An Easter outfit from Granny and Papa!
White baby grows on tiny babies make my heart sing!
We did an online launch event with George at Asda!
You still love the Shnuggle bath!
You had your jabs. You were so good but it was not a nice experience!
Oh Posie you beauty!
A rare in the pram sleeping moment!
Loving being outside!
You are just so gorgeous!
Loving the Shnuggle bath!
We finally got to register you!
Double Shnuggle fun!
In the Stokke Tripp Trapp!
And the Cucoona Baby!
Your very first swim!
Getting a bit bigger in this seat but still tiny!
We went into Dotty Pottery now they are open for more hand and foot prints!
Your little teapot!
Wearing an old Jimmy baby grow!
Sunshine vibes in April!
Outdoor double Shnuggling!
Feeling the outside and sunshine is so lovely!
You’re not sure about tummy time!
But you love a massage!
We have started baby massage on a Friday morning with Cherish baby massage!
And you love the baby classes at Gymboree!
You slept through the fair ground!
And the beach, saving your energies for the car journeys to and from!
Last time you were in Southwold you were in my tummy!
And now for Gram’s birthday Southwold was your first glimpse of beach!
A picnic in the sunshine with friends!
Looking so like Daddy here at Gymboree!
Even asleep your face says don’t put me in the car or buggy!
We loved story and craft time at Book Bugs and Dragon Tails!
And had another immense baby massage class with Cherish Baby Massage!
You really enjoyed your new play gym!
You really weren’t sure about swimming for Jimmy’s birthday!
But you got a bit more used to it!
I think you eventually had fun!
Wearing Florence’s old swimming costume!
With Granny at Jimmy’s birthday picnic!
And with Papa!
With your auntie Phoebe on Jimmy’s birthday!
All of us on Jimmy’s birthday!

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