Happy 9th Birthday Jimmy!

Happy 9th Birthday Jimmy!

Oh Jimminy-BillyBob, you are 9! NINE! You were the littlest one for so long, then the middle on your own and now you are joint middle with Raffie, the oldest boy and you are maturing so beautifully (most of the time) that it makes me wonder if I really did just blink and miss this tiny boy who wouldn’t leave my side turn into the cammo wearing, mini Bear Grylls that you are now! You love to make things with wood, with paper, with LEGO… You are super clever at it too and make the most wonderful origami which we can never understand how you’ve managed to create without any instructions most of the time! You read with gumption and gusto and feeling and you write poems which make us all laugh and wonder what will you be? I’m saying you’d be a jolly good actor and performer but you’d also be a wonderful engineer… Oh who knows? But I do know whatever it is that you grow up to become it will be something wonderful and fun and crazy!

You don’t like to eat food (still) and you’re not wild keen on sleep. You love to play Fortnite and Minecraft and you are a mega fan of the Mandalorian which your cake made by Gram is themed on. For your birthday treats we have been to the challenge woods (a bit like a smaller but for bigger kids BeWILDerwood), hired a private swimming pool with cousins and had a grazing box picnic with family. Today we have been out and had fun and it’s takeaway for tea (your choice) to celebrate our biggest best big boy turning 9.

09.17 – 9 years to the minute since you were born!

Nine years ago at 09.17am you finally came out in the living room after a night of pushing. You were back to back with your fist up like a superhero and though I tore (VERY badly) as a result, you were worth every owch and you still are. I love you always and forever my Jim-Bob, you are bright, funny, clever, cool, wicked, awesome and all the good things!

Happy 9th birthday darling!

We went to the Challenge Woods at The Nest with some friends to celebrate after school on Thursday. It wasn’t so much of a party but it was more of one than last year – we did our best with what we could!
Gram made you a cake!
I think you had a great time!
Mcdonalds afterwards was fun but freezing!
On the Saturday I made grazing boxes for a grown up birthday picnic lunch!
Which I was very pleased with!
You wanted the children to have a regular packed lunch so your wish was my command!
We hired a private pool for a swim!
Which I think you loved!
And had loads of fun at!
Then it was time for that picnic!
We had Get Treated cakes with a repurposed Baby Yoda!
You liked lighting the candle most I think!
And blowing it out!
Your actual birthday was a wake up to the family tradition of a birthday treasure hunt!
Mainly filled with LEGO mini figures!
Then it was breakfast and big presents!
Your faves!
With Daddy!
Before we headed to High Lodge for some forest fun and a chilly picnic!
A bit of bungee!
And wood whittling!
Followed by a run around the woods in your new birthday clothes!
All of us together!
Then a Pizza Hut delivery to Gram’s for tea!
And yet another cake!
Happy 9th birthday my glorious boy!

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