How to Clarify What You’re Allergic To From Your Own Home With Klarify!

How to Clarify What You’re Allergic To From Your Own Home With Klarify!

For a long time I think it became popular belief that allergies were on the rise simply as an effect of society becoming more aware of them and perhaps better at diagnosing. A child in the 50’s perhaps would have been referred to as “delicate” when in actual fact the cause for his or her symptoms may have been down to an allergic reaction that in modern days have become easier to define and note what exactly could trigger them to display negative symptoms. While this of course is very plausible and almost certainly true to an extent it has been found more recently however, that a more accurate reason for an increase in allergies is that allergic reactions and sensitivities to food are probably environmental and related to Western lifestyles. Studies show there are far fewer cases of allergies shown in developing countries which gives rise to this theory greatly.

An extremely common allergy that has risen in numbers of cases in recent years is the intolerance to dairy products, most specifically to the lactose in milk. This is an allergy often found in very young children and indeed infants. Around 80% of children do outgrow these intolerances and allergies but for some time products and food do have to be avoided as until the time is right constant reintroductions can often exacerbate the problem. That’s not to say all hope is lost however as the milk ladder does enable parents to find out when their child can again consume the foods they have been known to be allergic to in the past.

But finding out when an allergy is no longer seems like the easy part when you consider how difficult it can be to determine what might be causing issues in the first place. You may notice that you have what look to be allergy type reactions but to know for sure what might be causing unfavourable symptoms with such a plethora of potential criminals, milk being the tip of the ice berg, and that’s when you need expert advice! Klarify can help you with their article on what allergy symptoms you should be looking out for, how they may present and also on how to test for allergies yourself using their allergy testing kits.

The Klarify Home Allergy Test is an easy to use kit which scientifically discovers what your body reacts to. Order the kit on line, collect a small blood sample using the products included in the kit, send it to their laboratory partner for analysis and within 2 weeks you shall be sent a detailed report. Fast results from a convenient test you can take at home with no appointments necessary. This means you can make your own diagnosis of the very problem you are absolutely aware of but unable to put your finger specifically on without any input from anyone else. Grabbing your own destiny and running with it. Once you know what may be causing you issue (the test covers 294 different allergens detecting allergen specific IgE with precision allergen component testing) you can take your personalised unique results and make the problem manageable. Sounds pretty good huh?!

IN 30 minutes the Klarify step-by-step guide will walk you through the process and at the end you will have all the answers. Whether you’re allergic to pollen, pets, mites, food, moulds and yeasts, hymenoptera venoms, latex, cockroaches or parasites this test can make you forearmed so that you have the recipe to medicate be that naturally or with the help of a medic.

If you’ve spent a good deal of your life suffering with allergies then you will know how detrimental they can be to life. You may not have such a severe reaction as anaphylactic shock but hives, breathing difficulties and other symptoms can be very debilitating and over time can become worse. This kit offers peace of mind and answers in the easiest way possible. Absolutely worth every penny of the £149 price tag.

My friend has a little girl with many allergies and she said the hardest part was the not knowing, constantly being at potential risk of exposing her to something she can’t cope with. That must be very worrying yet with knowledge on side you can avoid triggers much more easily and live your fullest and best life possible. All with one little kit which you don’t even have to leave your front door to access and I think we are all pretty used to at home tests since the kids have been back at school, am I right parents? Pandemic style hasn’t been great but at least we all now know how to follow medical test kit instructions.

Sounds pretty good to me, especially with hay fever season nearly upon us!


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