Zipster Baby!

Zipster Baby!

Have you even had a baby if you haven’t got in a middle with a baby grow poppers? We’ve had four, over the years manufacturers have wised up and put in a coloured popper so that you know where to start (minimising the wrong popper scenario) and yet we STILL (both of us but mainly my husband to be fair) get in a muddle. Just this morning Jonny shouted “Urgh, these poppers, I can’t get them in the right order, why don’t they just make them with zips?” and at this point I was able to say “ah well actually…” and present him with a grow from Zipster Baby!

Zipster Baby make beautiful baby grows made from bamboo promising to be softer than your baby’s bottom – they’re not even slightly exaggerating as the two they sent to me to try with Posie are super soft, almost with a slik feel to them and though the material is thin and delicate, the composition of the fibre has microscopic air holes which allow moisture to wick away meaning it will help baby stay warm without becoming overly hotand ensures the baby is the right temperature. There are other benefits to the fabric in that bamboo is highly sustainable (it grows like wild fire, is easy to harvest and it creates 30% more oxygen than trees and plants. The material made from bamboo also has natural anti bacterial properties meaning it does not use pesticides to grow.

So, a soft luxurious fabric which is super comfortable for a baby to wear, protecting their skin, good for the environment and easy to grow for farmers throughout the world sounds pretty good to me but also… These baby grows are so much more than their material!

The zippers are something else because sure, other baby grows DO have zips on occasion but these ones have a two way zip making them able to undo from either end AND while the feet can be out (as Posie’s are above), they also have little cuffs on them like most baby grow arm cuffs so feet can be covered too! I love that!

Toes out!
Toes in!

The prints are really rather glorious too – look at the little skiing men on Posie’s here and she has another gorgeously girlie one for when she’s a bit older so I’m sure I will be showing that one off soon too!

I’m not sure how many nappy changes we go through at the minute because there’s so many I lose count but they’re made all the easier for me (and her) by being in a grow with a two way zip which is easy to slip on and off and which is super soft on her tiny delicate new baby skin. I’m so keen on this baby grow and super pleased we have discovered them. Now Posie is a little, little baby and at 11 weeks has only just gone into 0-3 month clothes however this baby grow with the feet cuffs has been able to be used on her since before it was really the right size and I’m sure we will be able to stretch it out a bit longer because of the feet too!

Lovely, lovely product which is practical, easy on the eye and won’t break the bank. At £19.95 – it’s definitely worth buying two to get free delivery (on orders over £30) then!

We were gifted for this post.

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