Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach 2021!

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach 20201!

As always we had a wonderful time at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach over the weekend checking out what’s new for the 2021 summer season just as it kicks off! The last time we were there was for Fairground Frights over the October Halloween weekend and with the changing of the seasons we saw a far more sunny Pleasure Beach with a bit of warmth in the air (not too much, it’s still April by the coast) and a promise of more to come for the summer. A slight nip to the sunshine breaking through the clouds couldn’t put us off however and we immersed ourselves in all things fairground enjoying rides for all ages (we had a very happy 3 year old Raffie as well as Jimmy at 8 and Florence at 11) and thoroughly making the most of this wonderful fun time extravaganza right on the seafront in Great Yarmouth!

There’s something for all ages!

Right now the deal is that PB offers a 3 hour session (from 11am-2pm, 2:45pm-5:45pm or 6:30pm-9:30pm) or 4 hour sessions (from 12pm-4pm on selected dates only) and with your unlimited ticket (£13.50) you then get to ride as many times as you like until the session runs out. ALL people need a ticket whether they are riding or not and this includes under 3s who are free but need a ticket to present on arrival. It is also worth noting that under 12s do need to be accompanied by a responsible paying adult – ok, that’s the admin and now we will tell you about the fun!

We were there for the children primarily (although I did sneak on a couple of big rides alone – Jonny doesn’t do big rides) but we saw plenty of adult only parties as well as families all with massive smiles on their faces. I adore the fact you have a set time and unlimited rides for that visit as you know where you are with money (great for families) and 3 hours, in my opinion, is definitely a good enough amount of time to do everything. We were late (always) and only had a couple of hours yet we still managed to do all the rides we wanted! The queues are managed really well and it didn’t feel too busy while at the same time there was a definitely buzz about which made it feel very normal! We loved it!

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Of course there are masses of COVID precautions in place too with hand sanitising stations at every ride (we were reminded by staff to use these every time we got on and off a ride) and they clean continuously while deeply cleaning after each session!

It felt wild to be out and almost like we were on holiday – big love to Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach for always moving with the times (there is a cross of old fashioned nostalgia here crossed with the modern) and ensuring GYPB is the best it can be. These are tricky times right now but they’ve mastered it already and I can see many smiles coming from good old Yarmouth this summer because of them! Check out our video below – we had such a great time!

They also have a GREAT (and reasonably priced) ice cream stand!

For all other enquiries please telephone us on 01493 844585 or email us at [email protected].

We were gifted tickets.

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