7 ways to make your home more kid-friendly

7 ways to make your home more kid-friendly

As a parent, it’s really important that you create a home environment where your children feel happy, comfortable and secure.

However, home design projects are rarely plain sailing when you’ve got little ones to please.

With that in mind, here are seven super ways to make your home more kid-friendly.

A kid friendly space is so important – so is locking the stair gate… Look at poor Raffie’s bump on the head after ours was left open this past weekend!
  1. Be a bit silly

Children like silly. There’s no getting away from that. So embrace it and incorporate some carefree elements into your home. Whether it’s cartoon wallpaper or animal print coasters, it’ll add a bit of character and amuse your kids and guests in equal measure.

  • Let them have a say

You’ll no doubt have your own clear vision for your home design, but it’s important that you let your children have a say too. So when it comes to spaces such as their bedroom, involve them in decisions such as colour scheme. And consider a family trip to children’s furniture store Ikea too – your kids will love it.

  • Create a play space

If there’s one thing you should do for your children, it’s creating a dedicated play space where they can let their imagination run riot. You could use a spare bedroom for this purpose, or simply, a corner of your living room.  In doing so, your kids will have an area that’s just for them and you’ll find it easier to contain their play mess.

  • Savvy storage solutions

If you’re worried about your child’s clutter making your home look messy and unkempt, make storage a design element in its own right by investing in multifunctional furniture. These items can serve as stylish household items and simultaneously keep your kiddie’s clutter out of sight. Think coffee tables with draws, storage footstools – you’ll find these at home furniture stores such as HomeSense and Dunelm.

  • Wall art

Wall art instantly livens up a space, which makes it a great way to imprint some character onto your home. For your children, consider a photo wall with cute snaps of their nearest and dearest – they’ll love spotting all the familiar faces and seeing how they’ve changed over the years. It’s also worth framing a few of your kids’ original works and hanging them up.

  • Door upgrade

Your house should scream ‘home’ from the moment you open the door. So if you’re looking for a way to create a cosy ambience consider upgrading your doors. For quality products that can withstand sticky fingers and constant slamming, Oakwood Doors is your go-to place.

  • Get out in the garden

Don’t just focus on your home interior when designing a fun space for your kids. With the warmer months approaching, it’s the perfect time to head outside and transform your garden into an exciting play space. Invest in items such as a playhouse, sandpit or swing set and enjoy as your kids are entertained for hours on end.

Follow our advice and you’ll be able to create the perfect family home for your children.

What are your tips for creating a kid friendly home? Share them in the comments section.