A Family Weekend In Liverpool!

A Family Weekend In Liverpool!

What would draw my family to Liverpool? Well, as if this really needs to be asked, the football of course! Jimmy is a massive Liverpool fan and Raffie has followed suit (much to Jonny’s chagrin) so they’ve wanted to watch a game at Anfield Park in forever. The tickets to home games however, are extortionate and you seem to have to jump through millions of hoops to get them. So, when the Legends game came up, where tickets for one adult and two children came to £54 we jumped at the chance. And, as the car was going to Liverpool anyway, we thought we might as well all go along for the ride and see a new city!

We booked a Premier Inn for £250 for two rooms with breakfast which with hindsight probably wasn’t the one! We’ve stayed in them before and they’ve usually been good but this one in Birkenhead was TERRIBLE! lovely staff but the rooms were way too small, we hadn’t been given the number of beds we needed and were too late to change it because the kids were all too tired and they weren’t the cleanest, one even absolutely stunk of cigarette smoke which was not great. To top it off, you can’t get to and from the city centre from Birkenhead without paying a £2 toll. Bit of a shambles so that would be my first “don’t do that!” The rest of the trip though, was great!

Our first stop was the Museum of Liverpool which was SO good! Free to enter and with loads of hands on stuff for kids to see and do. Unfortunately there was industrial action which meant the “Little Liverpool” exhibition wasn’t open but the rest of the museum was still lots of fun. Learning about the famous faces of Liverpool and its history f industry was fascinating while the kiddos LOVED playing old computer games set up to show development in the industry hailing from the area. The building is also incredible to both look at and be inside. It sort of sits almost over the Mersey river, with floor to ceiling glass windows which make it very jaw dropping in architecture! And the Beatles statues are right outside it making it a very easy transition from one of the things on our list, to the other!

We shopped, till we dropped at Liverpool One which is streets ahead of Norwich when it comes to choice (and Norwich is GREAT so that’s saying something) and the boys LOVED the football. Jonny got an Uber to the stadium (£15) because buses weren’t running and said how easy that was. The game was tremendous, they loved seeing Stevie Gerrard play and then afterwards we all went to eat at the best little burger joint called Almost Famous. I’d been lusting after their burgers on Instagram and they did not disappoint! Not at all!

Kids meals were HUGE and it was all so, so good! A meal for the six of us, with drinks (including one alcoholic) and a £10 tip came to £105! That’s pretty staggering value in my book! We had the most brilliant evening at “Almost Famous” and only wish it was closer to Norwich because driving to Liverpool for a burger alone seems a little over the top!

So, if you’re thinking about a city break in Liverpool with the family then we highly recommend it!

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