A first Proper Walk Outside!

I can’t remember when Florence first went for a proper walk without the buggy. I was never really very keen on doing it if I’m honest as it seemed like such hassle. We never went anywhere on short walks and the thought of not having the buggy to fall back on (and also to hang all my bags on) was too daunting so we always had it. She did used to walk for sure but I just can’t remember that first trip without a back up plan of buggy or sling… We did get out of the car to feed the ducks once and she wore wellies two sizes too big for her so I guess I will just have to count that but it wasn’t really a proper walk as such!

She’s been asking for ages about when Jimmy might be able to walk to the park on his own without the buggy. Partly because it’s a novelty and partly because she quite likes getting in the buggy herself these days – oh how time changes! Time was I was the mad woman carrying my baby in a sling whilst pushing an empty buggy because she refused to go in it!

Anyway, I’ve been saying ‘Oh not for ages yet’ but today when it was nearly time to pick Florence up from school and I wanted to take some pictures of Jimmy outdoors for a gilet review I was doing, I thought why not! The walk to school isn’t far, just a 5 minute trip across the Wanstead flats and he loves to get out and run there anyway so… I did it. I took him for a walk to school without the buggy.

He loved it. His very first proper outdoor walk with no back up. (Technically we did have daddy with us to carry him but Jimmy did very well and loved his walk so we didn’t need a carry for more than a few seconds!)

FREEDOM! On the way to pick Florence up while doing a bit of modelling!

He really enjoyed the trip there but he LOVED the trip back with his sister running ahead of him!

Chasing each other along the path!

Along the path are always lots of slugs and snails and we do lots of ‘Urrrrrghing’ at the squashed ones! Jimmy was thrilled to be right by his sister to get a close up look today!

Examining squashed slugs and snails!

And then we were nearly home! And he walked all the way! My brilliant boy! And my brilliant girl for looking after him!

Daddy only had to carry the bags!

A milestone! The first proper walk without a buggy!



3 thoughts on “A first Proper Walk Outside!

  1. Oh how sweet even after seeing how able (and quick) he is on his feet, he’s so tiny I can’t believe he did a whole walk – fantastic! Xx

  2. awww well done to him for walking all the way home and florence being such a great big sister watching out for him! Cant wait for finn to watch out for his little brother or sister on ther first walk outside (long time to go though!)

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