A Happy Holiday!

Well, tha’s it. The holidays are officially over for us today and to say I’m blue would be a little bit of an understatement. HOW have the last two week’s flown by so quickly and more to the point, HOW am I going to pack our flat up for our move in less time than that going forwards?!

We had an abolutely brilliant time over the festivities eating more than we should, drinking more than we should, spending more than we should but enjoying every last second of it! And now… Well, it’s not exactly back to reality as we are moving house in the next couple of weeks but it’s back from the fun and for that I feel glum.

Today I go home to London for the very last time. This feels super strange to say. We go home, the children go back to school tomorrow and I have to then pack up all our belongings into boxes. I am NOT looking forward to this at all. It would be lovely if the holidays could just go on and on and I never had to think about school moves and the like… However, I am looking forward to getting my diet back to normal. I love to eat but I think I’ve eaten enough for 5 people to have gone to excess this Christmas and now I need to feel healthy again! The thing is, for us, we have Christmas and then Florence’s birthday on New Year’s Eve before Jonny has his birthday on the 2nd. That’s a LOT of celebrating and a LOT of opportunities for good food!

New Year’s Eve is such a special birthday in lots of ways and I’m so glad Florence has that date. She was born at twenty to midnight and by the time she was in my arms all the fireworks were going off outside the window and snow was falling. It was just like a movie. I take a picture of us together every year at the minute she was born and even when she’s a cool teenager I will chase her around whatever party she’s at to get my moment! The first picture which was actually a few hours after she was born because I wasn’t quite up to a photograph the second she came out is technically in 2010 because it was so close to the hour but you get my drift!BirthdayPictureMontage2 BirthdayPictureMontage1

And this is the picture I took for this year!

My girl and me, 23.40, 2015!

So… We had a brilliant Christmas with family, birthdays and fun with friends. We went to the beach, saw fireworks, played games, watched movies, did nothing, did lots, laughed (and argued – we’re human), went bowling, went swimming, played in soft play, ran about, played with new toys and as I mentioned, ate a LOT!

And now it’s on to 2016 which we hope holds brilliant things for us. A house move and maybe another baby if we’re lucky… New schools, new beginnings, scary times but hopefully the best of times! Happy 2016 to you all and I’ll leave you with my fave pictures and a little video from our brilliant holiday fun!

Christmas 1
Twas the night before Christmas!
Christmas 14.1
One for when the girlfriends start coming around I think! The Christmas when he liked to wear nothing but his sister’s new roller skates!
Birthday bowling just me and my gal!
Cromer 2
Hot chocolate in The Pigs pub on the way home from a blustery day at the beach!
Swimming at Marina in Great Yarmouth!
Beach 10
2p slot machines fun in Cromer!
Birthday 4
My birthday girl!
Beach 2
Cromer is a beautiful place to be no matter whatever the weather!
Beach 3
Splashing in the rock pools!
Birthday 1
Daddy’s birthday!
Birthday 2
A mexican restaurant for Daddy’s celebrations!
Pizza Express
Pizza Express moustache fun on Florence’s birthday!
Best game of the season!
Beach 5
More visits from the tooth fairy!
Christmas Eve… My favourite day of the year with it all still to come…