A Holiday With Femme Luxe!

A Holiday With Femme Luxe!

I’ve been busy packing for my holiday (UK based of course) and have really enjoyed picking up a few new pieces from the old fave Femme Luxe to take with me. A couple of evening dresses won’t go amiss for dinner out while we have a Grandparenting team to hold the fort and I also got a new top which is perfect for a day-to-night, beach to bar vibe. Of course it WOULD help if we could have some proper sunshine butt you can’t have everything and when you can’t have everything at least dressing up will give me ALL the vay-cay vibes.

I don’t think I’ve been more excited about a holiday EVER (that’s what 18 months of lockdown will do to you) and if itt rains or shines I will be feeling on top of the world in my new garms at the very least!

I love thinking about packing for a holiday. White Dresses to sit on sun’s kissed skin and Denim Shorts to lounge about in while Black Dresses probably work better for a British jaunt!

Whatever the weather I’m dressing for holiday mode and that’s final! Cheeky little play suit? Don’t mind if I do!

Femme Luxe are pretty excellent when it comes to fast delivery with updates all the way as to where your parcel is and from the shopping to the clothes arriving, time is of the essence. I wonder if my postman thinks I might have a shopping habit the amount I’ve been ordering lately but with prices like theirs it’s hard to say no!

I’m most looking forward to chilling, beaching, eating and spending time with my family and I LOVE that we will be dining one night at none other than Hugh Fernley Whittiingstall’s restaurant. All I have to do now is decide who h dress and which pair of heels?!

Are you going anywhere for your holidays this year? And if so, have you done your clothes shopping for it yet?!

Collaboration with Femme Luxe.