Dearest Posie – You Are Six Months Old!

Dearest Posie – You Are Six Months Old!

Dearest Posie,

At 6 months you astound us having learned to crawl already. Simply amazing! Although it was a bit of a nightmare when you crawled over to Gram’s dishwasher and got your foot stick in a gap in the plinth between the door and the floor. The fire brigade came to rescue you, called you the sweetest damsel and said you had the most lovely smile. They asked if you were always smiling, this bonnie baby they called you. I said yes, when you’re being held by me and don’t have your foot stuck somewhere!

You snuggle into me when someone new says hello to you which is super sweet but the shyness doesn’t last longer than a few seconds before you please everyone with your beaming smile. All the old ladies are so pleased to see you on your tummy in the pram, which we have just switched to a seat until and I will miss seeing your head peek out of the bassinet like that but I’m sure the old lady love will continue as you are the most gorgeous baby always ready to smile.

You tried some food, a little bit of fruit with a suck on a strawberry and another on watermelon and satsuma and so far you don’t seem too offended by it.

The biggest smiles are given for your brothers and you love Florence like another Mummy I think as you look to her in most rooms.

You still hate the car and you now rarely nap unless on me while feeding. So… It’s a good job you only wake up 3 or 4 times in the night. Ha ha. We are mega tired but never minding because how could we when you’re so much fun! And so lovely.

A family day out in Cromer!
Discovering stones!
You weren’t keen!
Always with me!
We both love this!
Raffie adores you!
They all do!
With your biggest big brother!
These two just adore each other!
And trying to crawl at Wobbel Yoga with Raffie!
Nearly getting there too!
With Gram when I went to the dentist!
At Victoria’s!
Coming to work with me on a Zoom meeting!
Bounce and rhyme on my birthday!
Where lovely friends brought me balloons!
Your gang!
The only girl!
We love seeing their little faces!
Snoozing at a birthday lunch for me!
We all love to swim!
Hiring a pool is the best!
My birthday BBQ!
Little pram shoes as pushing for this style of crawl is making little toes have blisters!
So easy to move now!
Sky diving!
More Wobbel Yoga!
More crawling!
Pensthorpe Thursdays with my two littles!
Cookie Fest!
Loving the sunshine!
Cookie Fest gave Posie her own Posie’s Palace!
A great gang!
Sunshine days!
Early ballet toes!
Bubbles at yoga!
Oh yes the crawler!
One handed!
My beauty!
This is how we pram travel!
Last day of term!
My four!
First day of the holidays with Emily for a day in her garden!
Loving the sunny days!
And garden pool!
With Raffie!
And Jimmy!
Daddy had one more day off work but we made thee most of it!
We went in search of dinosaurs in the city!
And found lots!
Including Dippy on Tour!
More beach fun!
The girls!
Super fun!
Dibbling toes!
More sand!
Us again at Pensthorpe on a wet weather day indeed!
Posie in the outfit they’ve all worn!
See! Raffie to the left, Jimmy top right and Florence bottom right!
On your first holiday to Dorset!
We arrived with sunshine!
Which we were not prepared for!
Loving the little pool!
And beach!
Wearing yourself out with all the fun!
Little Miss 6 months old today!
Half birthday!